All you need to know about cashless claim in health insurance

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In the event of hospitalization, financial instability can be one of the toughest obstacles to cross, apart from just emotional feelings. We try to look for many ways to cope up with the charges of a treatment like asking for a loan or help, but such ways also do not really help us overcome the problem very soon and exactly there, the concept of a comprehensive healthcare plan comes to the rescue with health insurance as one of its benefits.

Having health insurance as a part of your healthcare plan helps face a medical emergency without putting any financial burden and disturbing your savings at all. That’s why it is necessary to invest in a good healthcare plan, because a medical emergency is never pre-planned in life.

Health insurance can indeed get us covered with hospitalization expenses. However, you may be asked to pay for the treatment out of your pocket to follow up with the reimbursement claim process after raising the claim. This situation might not ideally fit for all, especially for those who do not have any extra savings at all.

But, without any worries, there is always a solution for everything. In this scenario, the best way is to go for cashless claim in health insurance.

What is cashless claim in health insurance?

Healthcare treatments are getting more expensive due to rising population and less access to medical facilities. One needs a pre-planning to deal with future medical emergencies and its charges, unless anyone is able to afford it on the spot with lots of money.

Reimbursement is a beneficial part of health insurance indeed, but cashless claim process makes it even easier for someone who can’t deal with heavy expenses for a medical treatment first. It saves one from the hassle of paying cash at the hospital and prevents financial trouble.

So, it is important to make sure that your healthcare plan provides health insurance which has cashless claim settlement facility and all you need to do is notify your healthcare provider about the illness that you are facing which must be covered in your plan.

Once you’re done informing your healthcare provider about your hospitalization, it will directly get the bills settled through their insurance partner with the hospital, and you will not have to pay even a single penny or wait for your reimbursement in this case.

Here are some key features of cashless claim settlement mentioned below as well.

cashless claim in health insurance

Importance of Cashless Claims in health insurance

  • Helps reduce financial burden: Cashless insurance claims are especially significant in the case of emergencies where a person can’t afford to pay the amount of medical treatment because of a lack of savings or running out of cash. In this situation, the cashless claims are quick and easy to help that person cope up with their settlement of medical bills. Cashless claims in health insurance, medical bills are cleared by the healthcare provider without involving the customer.
  • Less time-consuming: Cashless claim process take less time to complete the whole procedure than the reimbursement claim process. This service ensures that all the payments are made without cash, which gives the customer an effortless and the easiest experience.

Types of Cashless Claim Settlement

The cashless claim in health insurance process differs from the type of treatment. It can be planned or non-planned, explained ahead.

The process of cashless claim for planned treatment:

In the case of planned treatment:

  • The healthcare provider must be informed at least 4 days before the treatment date via email, fax, telephone etc.
  • The healthcare provider will then notify the customer as well as the concerned network hospital about the eligibility and more details.
  • At the day of hospitalization, the customer will have to show his/her health card.
  • The insurance partner of your healthcare provider will then pay the medical bills directly to the hospital.
  • In most cases, the same procedure will be applied if you are having a group health insurance policy from your employer.

The process of cashless claim for emergency treatment:

In the case of unplanned treatment:

  • The customer has an option to connect with the healthcare provider to get information about the nearest network hospital.
  • The customer will avail the cashless hospitalization by displaying their healthcare membership card.
  • The hospital will fill the cashless claim request form and submit at the relevant address, generally via post, e-mail, fax or customer care.
  • The insurance partner of your healthcare provider will pay the medical bills directly to the hospital. If the claim is rejected, the customer will receive a letter stating the reasons behind the same.

The Bottom Line

It is important for every customer to make sure that they confirm with their healthcare provider if their plan includes cashless claim in health insurance settlement and get acquainted with all the terms and conditions beforehand, if they want to avail this service in healthcare plan.

If you’re one of them, getting Onsurity’s healthcare plan may be the best choice for you which comes with cashless claim in health insurance by our insurance providers along with multiple benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted medicines and health checkups, fitness webinars apart from group health insurance for team members in single membership, which makes it overall a comprehensive healthcare plan.

What’s more? Onsurity even makes your claims experience fast and smooth through our Good Doctors Team with their claims’ assistance services and guidance with the full procedure ahead before, during and even after the hospitalization.

So, you do not need to leave any queries to your HR or rush to different places to complete every step during claims. Our Good Doctors team will always be there to help.

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