Group Term Life Insurance
Group term life insurance

Having Group Term Life has never been made this easy!

Here’s a brief on our benefits and features under Group Term Life Insurance for the members.

Group Term Life Insurance

Key Highlights of Group Term Life

Group Term Life Insurance

What’s Covered

Sum Insured payable to the employees’ family (nominee /
legal heir) at the time of death of the employee enrolled
under the membership.

Terms and Conditions

Lives between the ages 18 to 59 are only eligible.
Medical Questionnaire needs to be filled for life aged above
45 or if where the membership plan has Sum Insured under
the membership exceeding INR 5,00,000
One-year suicide waiting period is applicable
The Group Term Life under the membership plan will cease
at the earliest of

a) Member attaining maximum age of 60 years

b) Deactivation of the membership

c) Death during the active membership

Other benefits of the healthcare plan