Here is how to Prepare Employees for the COVID-19 Third wave

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COVID-19 is still the hot topic of talk in every town, and the battle against it is far from over. We have been through two hard-hitting waves, and as much as just thought of the COVID-19 third wave brings chills down our spine. Undoubtedly, we need to stay strong and prepare for it. Businesses have been striving intensely despite the uncertainty accompanying the pandemic. Only motivation might not be enough in these times. Businesses need a good amount of preparation to thrive.  

Added Health and Safety Measures You can adopt 

There is more to safety than social distancing and sanitising your office premises. While the vaccine is being administered nationwide, we still need to deal with the situation with utmost care. Here is what business owners should take notes of to ensure employees and business safety in the process of reimagining the post-pandemic workforce. 

Vaccine Education

Vaccines are being administered at a vast range, but few people are well aware of the benefits. How COVID-19 has affected the workplace is not something that bothers many. It is your responsibility to educate your workers regarding the shield it provides as an employer. 

Time-off for Vaccine

Companies with enough resources can choose to conduct a vaccine drive at their offices. Contrarily, you can give your employees some paid time off to get the vaccine shots. 

COVID-19 Third wave


The pandemic has been a major destructor and has taken a toll on mental health for people. Some people may not have the mental stamina to bear the unimaginable damage the pandemic has caused. This is probably the best time to gather and provide all sorts of mental health assistance and resources for your employees. 

Safety Training

Track your employees’ health and ensure workplace safety measures. Update your policies as per the latest issued guidelines on the virus to adapt to new ways of working post-COVID-19. Train your staff regarding the same and stock up your office with the necessary supplies and protective equipment. 

Preparing your Business for the COVID-19 Third Wave 

You also need some business strategies and operational norms, which would best match the need. Make alterations and changes as required and get rid of any rigid norms you have. 

Move Online 

If you can move any aspect of your business online and haven’t already, you must do that on priority. Multiple companies are assisting with tools and resources to go online. Grab hold of them all, make your online debut, and make the future of remote work happen in your company. 

Government Grants 

Check through multiple initiatives taken by the government and avail yourself and your employees of the eligible one. Ensure you have the help you might need like COVID-19 Ignition Grants (grant opportunity), SIDBI Safe, DST CAWACH, and more (returnable grant opportunities), and so do your employees (insurance and covers), which should be a must for private company guidelines for COVID-19. 

HR Functions to Cope With the COVID-19 Third Wave 

The HR department is indeed highly responsible for how the grievances and issues of the employees are managed. Here is how the HR department can ace their attempts and help you create a strong post-pandemic workforce. 

The well-being of the employees

The well-being of the employees includes introducing a new COVID-19 policy for employees to help them cope with financial and mental health challenges. Many of us have suffered during the last two waves, so employees’ well-being should be prioritised. 

Business continuity planning

BCP strategies should be altered and changed as per the situation. Companies were quick to administer a work from the home business model in no time, though many are still struggling. Any such remote model or the hybrid model, for instance, should be adopted by HR personnel to introduce productivity and flexibility. The hybrid model is a combination of working from the office a bunch of days and then from home the remaining.  

The new normal

We have already grown accustomed to the change, which we call the ‘new normal.’ The catch is to accept it, centre your operational processes around it, and introduce new COVID-19 policies for your workplace to cope with it. HR personnel must prepare the workforce to work efficiently while being geographically dispersed. 

COVID-19 healthcare for employees 

Reopening offices in part means increasing employees’ risk of coming in contact with the virus. This is why IRDA has made mandatory COVID-19 policy for companies. Companies must offer COVID-19 insurance should they open their offices at all during COVID-19 third wave. 

Onsurity’s comprehensive employee healthcare plans offer group health insurance with COVID-19 cover as one of their benefits along with free doctor teleconsultations, discounted medicines and health checkups, fitness webinars and other wellness benefits to ensure the best of healthcare for your employees to prepare them for the COVID-19 third wave. 

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