Ease Claims Process with Onsurity’s Revolutionary App

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You are at the hospital, running between the TPA desk and reception to get all your paperwork in order. You aren’t sure if you have everything you need, but you still try to file the claim. Later you find out that your claim has been kept on hold, and you cannot understand why. Here’s a reason why – the lack of understanding of the insurance claims process. Want to ease claims process? You aren’t the only one. It is long and complex, and many people are often without important information. 

The health insurance claims process and related hospitalization aren’t that easy. No matter which health insurance plan you have, you will realize that it can be tough to file a claim or understand its related aspects. Sometimes, you might not know if a particular treatment is covered, at other times you don’t know about all the paperwork you need.  

That’s why Onsurity is here. Our easy-to-use Android and iOS app have made the hospitalization process and its related insurance claims process just a little bit easier. Here’s how we help. 

Ease Claims Process with Onsurity 

On opening the Onsurity App, you will see ‘Claim Now’ at the top of the screen. Tap that, and we guide you through the process in three simple steps. Just select the type of claim and member name, and our Good Doctor Team will get in touch. They will call you on your registered mobile number in around 24 hours. In case of an emergency claim, we will do our best to get in touch with you immediately.  

Our Good Doctor Team will walk you through everything you need during your hospitalization process, and guide you on your membership and its benefits. Please remember that Onsurity cannot process a claim for you, that can only be done by our insurance partner provider. We only help to assist in the health insurance claims process, by helping ensure your paperwork is proper. That way, you have a better chance of your claim being paid in a timely manner with zero hassles. 

If you want a cashless hospitalization process, you can check our partner insurer’s list of network hospitals right on the Onsurity App. Just tap the ‘Check Nearest Hospitals’ option in the Claim Now screen. Then just type your city name, postcode or the name of a hospital. If a hospital near you is a part of the network, it will show up. That way, planning your hospitalization becomes easier.  

Help with Paperwork 

One of the biggest challenges of the insurance claims process is getting the paperwork in order. That’s why our app has made it so much easier. In the Claim Now section, you will see two links – a checklist and a claim form. The checklist is your handy guide to all the documents and bills you will need for any health insurance related claim. 

Filing a claim for a road traffic accident? Did you know that you also need a copy of the first information report? With the Onsurity App, you now do! 

You will need to fill in the claim form, which we have included in the app for you. You can download, and share the form straight from your mobile phone. The first page of the form walks you through the form, and what you need to fill in each section.  

Ease claims process with Onsurity

The Onsurity Advantage 

Thanks to our partner insurer, your health insurance under the Onsurity Plus membership gives you access to a wide number of network hospitals. You can claim cashless hospitalization at over 5,000 hospitals across the country. All you need is your digital health card, which we have included in the app as well.  

Simply tap the ‘Policy Details’ option on the home screen, and you can access your insurance health card. Another advantage of Onsurity is that you have access to your health insurance policy summary document on the app. Below your health card, we have included a quick summary guide with details on the sub-limits, exclusions and features of your health insurance plan under Onsurity Plus membership. That way, you can easily know what is covered and what isn’t. 

If you haven’t yet, please do download the Onsurity App. Not only does it make the insurance claims process easier, but it also comes with other great advantages – Teleconsultations, Lab Test booking and online medicine ordering. That’s the advantage of Onsurity. Our employee healthcare plans are not just health insurance, but so much more.  

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