How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

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The employee healthcare transformation is here. The time when it was limited to group health insurance is long gone. Today, businesses are giving their employees a comprehensive set of health benefits that address both preventive and hospitalization care requirements.  

This changed setup, however, has opened the employers and HRs to a new set of tedious tasks – one where they have to reach out to multiple vendors for quotes and understand every plan offers. This tedious process doesn’t just lower the speed of getting a membership but can even sway the HRs away from making this investment in the first place.  

Onsurity, through its digital dashboard and multiple healthcare partnerships, makes the process hassle-free. We provide them a range of healthcare offerings starting from insurance-partner powered group health insurance to health benefits like doctor teleconsultations, booking health check-ups, ordering medicine online, discounted mental therapy sessions, and free fitness webinars. By bringing the entire range of preventive, in-hospital, and post-hospital benefits in one place, we play a role in transforming the employee healthcare space in a way that is more accessible and affordable. 

In this article today, we are going to give you a walkthrough of the steps that initiate the creation of employee healthcare transformation. Along the way, we will take you through the different facets of the offering and what makes it truly unique.  

The first step that you will have to take after you have decided to reform your healthcare offering is click on ‘Get Quote’. It will open up to this page – 

buy Onsurity healthcare membership

Once you add your mobile number, you will get an OTP, which you have to enter on this page –

How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

After you enter the OTP, you will get 1 step closer to ensuring your team’s great health. At this stage, add the company name or your GSTIN number.  

How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

After this stage, you will have to add basic details like your name, your email id, and the total number of your employees.  

How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

Once you enter those details, you remain just one step behind ensuring your team’s great health. In this next stage, you have to select the best Onsurity membership plan according to the benefits and the price point. We give you the differentiation in terms of membership pricing for two categories:  

A. For team members  
B. For team members, their spouse, and two children.  

After reading into the membership wise benefits, you can select the one that best meets your team needs by clicking on ‘Buy’.  

How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

Once you have decided on the membership plan you want to go with, enter the details of your team’s headcount segregated into ages to see the total membership pricing. 

How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

If you are planning to extend the healthcare benefits to the employees’ family members as well, select Team Members, Spouse, and two Children on the last screen and click on Buy. It will direct them to the screen below. 

In this space, add the count of team members who are single and who are married – divided age wise to get the amount estimate that you will have to pay to buy the membership.  

In the next stage, add in your GSTIN number and verify the details of your company, age wise differentiation of your team members, plan benefit details, and the per month price of the plan. Once you have verified the details, click on Proceed. 

How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

After you have verified the details of the plan and initiate the payment stage, you will arrive at this screen.


How to buy Onsurity healthcare membership for your team? 

When it comes to payment, we give our members two payment choice – monthly and annual. Under the monthly payment model, as the name goes, you can make monthly payments. In the annual payment option, there is a one-time payment model that is operational.  

Here’s how it works.  

We charge an initial deposit of 12 months based on your current number of team members, their age, and your chose plan type.  

Every month, we calculate the previous month’s plan usage in terms of the number of team members who were active in that month.  

Every month, we deduct the previous month’s usage from the initial deposit in carry forward. If in some month, the carry forward amount becomes lower than the initial deposit amount, we raise an invoice for the additional subscription amount needed for the plan to continue. In the end of year 12, if the initial deposit is lower than the carry forward amount, the surplus is either utilized for next year’s subscription or is refunded.  

Let us use an example to simplify it for you a bit – 

Suppose your monthly membership plan price, at your present headcount, is coming out to be Rs. 1000, the annual price will be Rs. 12,000. The hypothesis here is that you have initiated the process in January. We will keep this Rs. 12,000 as the initial deposit. The 12,000 deposits will be deducted from 1000 (January’s plan amount) and the remaining Rs. 11,000 will be kept as a carry forward.  

Now imagine, in February, you hired some people and the plan price increased to Rs. 2000. With effect, the 2,000 will be deducted from January’s carry forward (11,000) and 9,000 will become the new carry forward amount.  

Now, in March, you did a college hiring drive and your membership plan price came up to Rs. 9500. To meet this gap (Rs. 500) of carry forward of Rs. 9000 and the plan price of Rs. 9500, we will raise an invoice of Rs. 500 to that you are able to continue the membership. 

In December, after several employee leaving and joining the company plan price came down to Rs. 8500, while the carry forward was Rs. 10,000. In this case, we will you give you the option to either continue this carry forward in next financial year or we will refund the Rs. 1500 (Rs.10,000-Rs.8,500) to you. 

You have now come at the last stage of the membership activation. Click on the Buy button to get to the payment section and start your healthcare membership. 

The time it takes to complete the entire healthcare membership plan purchase is under 5 minutes with zero hassles of going through multiple vendor quotes and long terms and conditions’ documents. We make it extremely easy for employers to buy a comprehensive health membership plan for their employees. All they need is a GSTIN number, team details and 5 minutes.  

Explore the ease of buying a comprehensive healthcare membership for your team, yourself. Buy the Onsurity membership today.  

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