Onsurity Serves One Million Lives across 5,000+ Businesses within 3 years

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A Million Lives Touched, a Billion Smiles Spread

In a remarkable journey of dedication and impact, Onsurity, India’s pioneering monthly subscription-led employee healthcare benefits provider, has achieved a momentous milestone. Within just three years of its inception, the company has extended its services to over a million lives across more than 5,000 businesses. This remarkable feat makes Onsurity the fastest new-age insurtech in the nation to have served 10,00,000 members.

Revolutionising Employee Healthcare Benefits

Founded in February 2020, Onsurity swiftly made its presence felt across 26 Indian states and 3 union territories, establishing strongholds in key regions like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, and Telangana. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing employee healthcare benefits, Onsurity has become a beacon of positive change, profoundly impacting the lives of countless individuals within the Indian workforce.

A Catalyst for Transformation

Over the past 18 months, Onsurity has facilitated more than 80,000 wellness transactions through its Super App, offering top-tier healthcare and wellness solutions. What sets Onsurity apart is its distinctive monthly subscription plans, which have not only delivered superior healthcare options but also enabled SME businesses to collectively save a staggering INR 23.72 crores on the cost of working capital. This financial relief empowers these businesses to channel their resources into growth, fostering a harmonious equilibrium between expansion and employee well-being.

Inclusivity at the Core

Onsurity’s impact transcends boundaries, catering to businesses of varying sizes and industries. From start-ups to enterprises with lean teams or over a thousand employees, Onsurity ensures that quality healthcare reaches every echelon of the workforce. The company’s member base encompasses an impressive diversity, covering blue-collar workers, business executives, gig workers, and their dependents. With over 50% of members being blue-collar workers and nearly 40% hailing from tier II and tier III cities, Onsurity embodies inclusivity at its core.

A Glimpse into the Future

While celebrating its monumental achievement, Onsurity remains steadfast in its commitment to furthering its mission. The company is actively developing a technology-driven platform that will provide a comprehensive suite of products to safeguard SME businesses from an array of unforeseen financial risks. This initiative goes hand-in-hand with Onsurity’s dedication to enhancing its health and wellness offerings, ensuring that its impact continues to resonate across the nation.

A Call to a Healthier and Happier India

In the words of Mr. Yogesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Onsurity, “Our journey to one million lives has been truly rewarding and surreal.” While the remarkable achievement is undeniably a cause for celebration, Agarwal humbly acknowledges that the path to a healthier and happier India has only just begun. Onsurity remains committed to its mission of creating sustainable impact, ensuring that quality healthcare becomes an inherent right for all members of India’s workforce.

Onsurity’s journey from its inception in 2020 to serving a million lives within three years is a testament to the company’s vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to creating sustainable impact. As it continues to redefine the realm of employee healthcare benefits, Onsurity’s impact serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive, healthier, and prosperous India.

Onsurity’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable, backed by impactful investors like Quona Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Whiteboard Capital, and even cricket legend Anil Kumble, who joined the company as a strategic advisor. Additionally, being recognized as the “Dun & Bradstreet Start-up 50 Trailblazer 2023” by D&B India underscores the company’s pioneering role in reshaping employee healthcare benefits.

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