How Onsurity’s healthcare membership plays an essential role during pregnancy?

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Pregnancy being one of the most important phases in a woman’s life, deserves the best care.  It becomes extremely important for a pregnant woman to take care of her physical, mental, and emotional health. Therefore, she should engage herself in self-care more, and modify her lifestyle accordingly for an enjoyable and healthy pregnancy.

Getting a comprehensive healthcare plan is one of the best ways to experience a healthy and happy pregnancy since it mostly covers all the benefits needed for prevention, track and cure to reduce the signs of risk during pregnancy and help ensure safety to a mother and her baby.

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Onsurity’s healthcare membership is the best solution for a healthy pregnancy

If you’re looking forward to getting a healthcare plan while planning to welcome a new member to your family, Onsurity’s healthcare membership is the best choice to ensure a healthy pregnancy since it comes with multiple benefits, which are worth having to get the best of healthcare. Here’s how:

Onsurity's healthcare membership

Coverage for Maternity as one of the benefits of your healthcare plan

Having group health insurance with maternity cover, as one of the benefits in your healthcare plan serves as an excellent supplement when you are looking forward to being a mother and planning to embrace parenthood.

The group health insurance provided as one of the benefits to members through Onsurity’s healthcare membership may also provide coverage for maternity based on the membership plan selected by the employer which can help reduce financial burden.

Doctor teleconsultations help mothers keep up 

During the pandemic, people are often scared to go to hospitals to consult a doctor. Moreover, the government has asked people to stay at home as a safety measure, unless its very urgent.

Pregnancy is a delicate phase for the mother and her baby and she should take all the possible precautions by staying at home, maintaining social distancing and avoid contact with the crowd.

As pregnancy requires frequent doctor consultations, Onsurity’s healthcare membership has come with the very effective, safe and modern solution for you which is Teleconsultation.

Teleconsultation is the most efficient way of solving the queries of a pregnant woman without putting them at any risk of infection. Moreover, teleconsultations have been one of the most trending features of digital healthcare.

Onsurity’s healthcare membership provides free and specialized doctor teleconsultations booked via Onsurity app through text/audio call/video call, depending on the choice of the member.

Discounted medicine delivery at doorstep to cure

During pregnancy, there is a need of some medicines which are often required to treat certain disorders. Medicines may be considered for the treatment of complications during pregnancy.

To make the consumption of medicines easy, pocket friendly and hassle free for you, Onsurity’s healthcare membership provides up to 20% discount on medicine orders made through Onsurity app and even gets them delivered at your doorstep, so that you or your family member do not have to put in extra efforts to go out, especially during the pandemic and buy the medicines, but rather spend that time to care for the to-be-mother and her baby at home.

Discounted health check-ups to track

Having regular health check-ups is an important part of your pregnancy phase to stay healthy and make sure your baby is healthy too. Regular checks during your pregnancy can help identify and reduce risks during pregnancy. Even if you’re feeling well, it is still important to go for frequent check-ups.

Onsurity’s healthcare membership can help you save money by offering up to 65% off on health checkups booked through Onsurity app, making it affordable and get the best of healthcare at the same time.

Fitness webinars for healthy pregnancy

Maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can be very helpful to stay healthy enough and feel your best.

Working out during pregnancy not only helps you be a strong and confident mom, but also prevents you from common discomforts like back pain and fatigue.

Exercising can help improve your posture, build stamina and relieve stress. Above all, it can help you stay away from a common lifestyle disorder during/post pregnancy, which is gestational diabetes.

Onsurity’s healthcare membership is not just packed with the benefits which can only help during the times where you need to cure the condition but is also equally helpful to prevent the condition by encouraging you to exercise for better health with the fitness webinars offering workout sessions held by the experts for women’s health, weight loss, pregnancy, relieving stress and pain etc.

Practice mindfulness during pregnancy

Mindfulness helps the mothers pay attention to the present moment and stay aware of any thoughts, feelings and sensations which gives them the power to focus on their beautiful pregnancy phase through which they can get positive and peaceful vibes.

Mindfulness can also help a mother build a strong bond and connect with her unborn baby.

Taking part in a mindfulness course during pregnancy has been shown in to reduce the fear of labour, decrease the use of pain relief and lower the risk of postnatal depression, which is frequently seen in pregnant women lately and can have major effects in long term physically and socially.

We at Onsurity, believe that mental health is important for the mothers-to-be because of the same reason stated above and this is why we have partnered with Mindpeers to provide mental wellness counselling to our members.

The Bottom Line

So, this is how Onsurity’s healthcare membership plays an essential role during pregnancy with these multiple benefits mentioned above.

Since, Onsurity’s employee healthcare plans make sure to keep a mother’s and her child’s health on a priority, we also have a feature to let you add your family members to the healthcare plan too.

As an employer, you can definitely boost morale of your women employees to stay productive and completely engaged in work before and even after their maternity period with this healthcare plan which can help them focus the best on their health as it is designed as an all-in-one package for your female staff and overall team as well.

Install Onsurity app today and contact us to get an instant quote or click on the button below to subscribe.

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