Prenatal yoga: Importance and Benefits

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From having a physical impact on your body to your emotional state, pregnancy can take a toll on your body. But doing prenatal yoga can help you overcome pregnancy stress and promote the healthy growth of the baby. Read on to know about the importance and benefits of doing prenatal yoga. 

What is prenatal yoga? 

Like different types of childbirth preparation classes, prenatal yoga sessions include a series of gentle and low-impact exercises focusing on stretching, mental centring and breathing. This type of yoga is usually practised before the baby’s delivery to prepare you for labour. Also, it is a wonderful way to stay active during pregnancy. The second trimester is the ideal time to start doing prenatal yoga.  

Benefits of prenatal yoga:

Increases your strength and stamina 

Prenatal yoga sessions include a series of gentle stretching and breathing activities that stimulate your muscles, promoting blood and oxygen circulation. Different yoga poses that you do during the session help strengthen your hips, back, shoulders and arms, thus increasing your strength and stamina to carry the baby. In case if you feel tired too easily during your pregnancy, prenatal yoga is what you should do to instantly boost your energy levels and strengthen your stamina 

Promotes connection with your baby 

Taking time out from your busy schedule and going for a prenatal yoga class once a week shows that you care for your baby and helps in increasing your connection. As your pregnancy progresses, your body will respond to different yoga poses in an unusual way, thus serving as a reminder of the changes that pregnancy brings to your body.  

Prepares you for labour 

Doing various breathing exercises during prenatal sessions teaches you to stay calm, thus preparing you for labour. The breathing exercises soothe you down, helping you respond calmly in tough situations. By doing regular deep breathing exercises, you will be able to deal with stressful situations effectively. 

Reduces pain, fatigue and stress 

Carrying a baby is not easy. You will often find yourself dealing with severe backache, body pain, fatigue, nausea, etc. However, practicing prenatal yoga daily will help you relieve these aches and pains. Doing certain yoga poses can help ease heartburn, reduce stress, backache, etc.  

Promotes healthy pregnancy 

As per a 2021 US study, women who practised yoga daily during pregnancy were less likely to have preterm delivery or deliver a baby with low birth weight. In short, a healthy mama is believed to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

Connect with like-minded people 

Joining a prenatal yoga class will help you connect with other expecting moms which can turn out to be a form of a support group where you can discuss your pregnancy problems with them. This can help in easing your anxiety and pregnancy experience whilst also calming down your body. 

Prenatal yoga precautions to follow  

Before starting out on prenatal yoga, keep the below points in mind 

  • Check with your doctor if it is the right time in your pregnancy to start prenatal yoga or not 
  • If you have spotting or bleeding during pregnancy, strictly avoid doing any form of exercise or yoga 
  • Before doing any exercises, drink lots of water to stay hydrated 
  • Take your time, and do not be in haste when doing certain yoga poses as your body will find it difficult to balance out certain yoga poses 
  • Don’t do exercises that require you to lie on your back as it can put stress on the veins that carry out blood flow to the uterus. If blood flow to the uterus is restricted, you may feel dizzy, and it can also cause shortness of breath. 
  • Don’t hold on to different yoga poses for a long time 
  • Avoid doing yoga poses that are beyond your level of comfort and experience. Stretch only as far as you can.

To make your pregnancy journey comfortable and peaceful, it is necessary that you take up a prenatal yoga class either online or offline. However, it is best to do so only under the guidance of a prenatal yoga professional. 

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