8 Ways to Practice Self Improvement Techniques at Work 

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Self-improvement never stops. You can always be a better version of yourself. In our work lives, it is even more vital to develop ourselves. As we climb up the corporate ladder, we face new and demanding challenges.

We can be ready for these challenges by learning new things, breaking bad habits, finding a work-life balance, and becoming more productive. Learning techniques and skills to improve job performance takes time and dedication.  

Here are some self improvement techniques at work you can use to develop yourself

SMART Goals 

It is one of the best bulletproof self improvement techniques at work, you will see. List out the things you want to achieve. Break down the big goals into small ones. Remember, you can fulfil your goals by taking small steps at a time. More than that, completing small goals will give you an energy boost. 

Therefore, Layout a detailed action plan with concrete steps that will help you achieve those goals. Next, update your online calendar according to the plans you have made. It will also help you track your goals.

Self Improvement Techniques at Work

Don’t Procrastinate with Small Tasks 

Finishing small tasks is one of the most skillful ways to improve work performance. The tasks that take less than five minutes can pile up quickly. 

If there are a lot of small tasks to be done, we get overwhelmed and procrastinate. E.g., sending small work emails or updating our calendars. So, do tasks that take less than five minutes quickly. Don’t think about them; just get over those tasks so that you can focus on challenging tasks. 

Pomodoro Technique 

Many people have problems with focusing on work. With social media, we are accustomed to instant gratification. Therefore, it is easy for us to procrastinate.

However, you can use the Pomodoro technique to be efficient and productive. Essentially, it says that you need to work for a time of 25-30 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. 

Continue the cycle until your work is done. This technique trains your brain to focus. To make better use of this technique, dedicate each 25-30 minutes for one task. Then, give some rest to your brain and start the new task with a fresh mind. 

Quality Breaks 

Understanding self improvement techniques at work isn’t about productivity alone. Develop yourself holistically. You can contribute more with your creativity and ingenuity than you can by working yourself ragged. 

Therefore, quality breaks are vital for you. Take mindful breaks. Try active pastimes rather than passive ones. Taking a walk is better than binge-watching Netflix. Reading a book is better for your brain than watching TV. 

These self development techniques are not only some of the positive ways to improve work performance but also your intelligence and growth.  

Finish What You Have Started 

Often, we get a little lazy when we are about to finish a task. We sense that we have done most of the work, and the rest of the work is a walk-in-the-park. 

We procrastinate the last part of the task. Other times, we start a task but don’t finish it. These are dangerous habits. Our brain releases dopamine which gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It also energizes us for future work. 


Here is how to improve yourself professionally – Be your best critic. Look within to find out your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Only when you know yourself can you develop yourself.

Figure out what you want to do moving ahead. It will help you focus on important and relevant tasks that help you achieve your long-term goals. 

Mindfulness will also help you get rid of bad habits. Removing bad habits and starting new ones will help you in the long term. They will help your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

To know your true self, practice meditation, yoga, focus on your fitness levels in rest hours to build more confidence and test your willpower. It will help you stay focused in your work as well. 

You can contact us and subscribe to Onsurity’s Healthcare Plan and attend our fitness webinars for some effective virtual workout sessions for better health.  

Figure Out Your Productive Hours 

The human brain is a funny thing. It works differently for different people. Some people are more productive in the morning while some work more efficiently at night. Figuring out when you are most efficient can help you with time management. 

You can find out by mindfulness and self-awareness. Once you have done that, block out those hours of the day for the most challenging and crucial tasks. You can do mundane tasks around that time. 

Effective Communication 

Communication is one of the most important areas of improvement for employees. The workplace would be a much more efficient and positive place if everyone communicated well. 

Your work life will get immensely better once you learn to express yourself and listen well. Often, we hesitate to express our ideas.

We are reluctant to confront others. We don’t communicate what we feel to our colleagues. It makes work tiring and unproductive. Effective communication can help you achieve more at work.

The Bottom Line

Improving work performance is an essential task in today’s competitive world. Self improvement is a never-ending exercise and so is thinking of new work improvement ideas.

However, you will get handsomely rewarded for putting in the hard work. We hope that this article helps you become the best self you can be. Not only these techniques are suggestions for office improvement, but also some effective work from home improvement ideas.

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