Workplace Wellness: List of Activities at Work for Employee Health

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‘Wellness’ has become a word that is constantly searched for by employees in the corporate world. Not just employees, employers have been investing in the wellness department as well.

Besides, as we shift back into the world, post- pandemic, it has become even more essential to take into consideration the health of the ones who give their time and energy to a company.

Employees are the most valuable assets and it comes as no surprise that a staff working at a company with strong health and wellness programs feels more appreciated and cared for.

What are Employee Wellness Programs?

Initiatives taken by employers to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees are ‘Employee Wellness programs’. These initiatives are taken to try to help the working professionals maintain their physical and mental health which eventually will increase productivity. Enhancing the overall quality of an employee’s work life can be done through a holistic wellness program.

Here are some health programs that can be conducted in the workplace

  1. Healthy Snacking Habits

It is common for people to nibble on snacks while working whether it be out of stress, hunger or just something to fidget with. Companies can promote healthy snacking habits by providing healthy snacks to their employees like dry fruits, whole wheat products etc, that not only satisfy the need to snack but also the taste buds.

     2. Mental health assistance

A wellness program that offers support for employees suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, etc. through professional guidance in hopes that it’ll help employees tackle their personal and professional issues.

    3. Fitness activities on site

Sitting in one place for long hours can cause a lot of problems like obesity and a cluster of health risks. Hence, fitness activities on site can be super beneficial for employees so that they move around and exercise and get the body going. Companies can set up gyms, fitness centers that promote moving around and staying active during breaks or after work.

   4. Community service

Volunteering for community service can make people satisfied and happy. This will also encourage employers to have a ‘feel good session’ once in a while. Similarly, companies can give employees the option to volunteer for causes they are passionate about.

Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

It might be difficult to notice any tangible advantage of these activities, for some. But, when you give a closer look you’ll be able to see a lot of long term gains of these programs at your company. Here are some of the many benefits of Employee Wellness Programs.

Increase in Productivity: When the mind is at peace and the body is active, there will definitely be an increase in harmony among employees and reduced chances of disease. This will in return shoot up the productivity rate and lead to growth of the company but most importantly growth of the employee.

Better Employee Health: Healthy eating and exercising can help to reduce health-related risks in employees. This reduction in health risks allows employees to save money on healthcare costs every year.

Increased Morale: The empathy and understanding shown by employers for the employees through wellness programs will make them feel valued. This will help boost morale leading to an enthusiastic work environment.

Employee retention: These programs are a good investment for your company as it will retain talent and create a more engaging environment and an improved work culture  in comparison to other companies. Therefore, increasing the loyalty.

In Conclusion

Wellness has become an integral part of many companies. This is a sign to improve the well- being of your workspace.

At Onsurity we strive to help companies who care for their employees out by offering new- age group health insurance policies that include wellness benefits.

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