World Youth Skills Day 2021: Essential Skills and Tools for the Strength of Youth

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World Youth Skills Day is dedicated to the importance of providing young people around the world the essential skills they need to learn for more employment, better work practice, and entrepreneurship. This day encourages the youth to build an opportunity for dialogue between young people, employers, firms, workers, policy makers, organizations, and development partners.  

Like the last year, this time too, the World Youth Skills Day has taken place amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 theme is to pay tribute to the resilience and coordination of our youth throughout the pandemic and its crisis.  

Role of the Youth during COVID-19 

In light of the COVID-19, youth have come up as the brave warriors worldwide. Ever since the COVD-19 started, everyone in the world was worried about its consequences.

However, a major part of the youth did not act as mere spectators or demotivated the citizens but reacted as front-line responders, and worked on empowering everyone from toddlers to the elderly.  

World Youth Skills Day: Need to Develop the Young Ones 

There is a need to strengthen and realize the full potential of youth in order to overcome some challenges faced by young people in the society. Therefore, several organizations and foundations are helping the youth through their grants, training, and skill development programs to develop essential skills among them and train them in problem solving in a practical, simple, and empirical manner. 

Every youngster needs to have a specific set of skills and the tools to apply them. This article will get you some ideas on the essential and necessary skills that our youth needs to learn for their growth and learning. What’s more, you’ll also get to know the very effective tools to help them implement those skills through which they can simplify their work and enhance their career-paths. 

Let’s have a look at skills first.  

Strengthening skills for youth 

World Youth Skills Day

Research skills 

In the 21st century, we have enough technology that whenever we want to get some information about a random topic, all we have to do it search it over the internet rather than relying on books, documents or other offline sources alone.  

Since there are countless number of web pages showing different information at the same time on the search engine, it demands a proper research which is one of the most important and toughest skills a trainee should master i.e Advanced and analytical internet research. 

This type of advanced Google searching can help you find relevant information without consuming much time. Also, you will be able to find a couple of infamous websites but featuring quality information and content that might be useful for you.  

Communication skills 

Naturally, as humans, we all are blessed with an ability to communicate with each other verbally or non-verbally. Not only in an organization you work for, but also in personal life, it is important to maintain a communication with our families, friends, contacts etc. to build relations and be able to express ourselves.  

Communicating well develops our personality, confidence, self-esteem and overall growth. Our way of communicating defines the whole of us. Communication doesn’t just mean speaking but also to be able to listen, question and give feedbacks. 

An intelligent person with many ideas, skills and creativity is incomplete without being a good communicator. They possibly can’t express their concepts without communication, otherwise they would need someone who can help elaborate their ideas to the other person and be dependent on them.  

So, it is extremely important, especially for the youth to be better communicators or seek professional training for the same to fulfil their ambitions in life.  

Organizational skills 

With the right set of organizational skills, there are huge chances for you to make it very far in your career. Being organized means to collect all the required materials, delivering the tasks on time and never facing any issues of confusion and stress. The more organized you are, the more problems you will already have solved proactively.  

Adaptability skills 

Well, you see things don’t always work the same way you expect them to. So, it is better to expect the unexpected and be able to adapt with the new circumstances rather than giving up. Being adaptable makes your life easier in any organization and the calmer you are, the more your mental health is going to be okay. Find yourself in every situation and look for the solutions.  

This is something our youth should learn in their early age, otherwise it would just get very difficult for them to adjust in their working and personal environment.  

Learning Skills 

There is of course no age to learn. However, it doesn’t mean that you should keep delaying and wait for the right time to learn. As a young person, start today and you will thank yourself in the future. Learning shouldn’t stop for anyone. Not for an intern, not for an employee or even an employer. 

You might think that you know a lot already. But knowledge is limitless. There is a lot to learn. The more you learn, the more you will be in the limelight, no matter where you are working. So, research more, read more and explore. You should never give up on learning till your last breath.  

Core Employability Skills (CES)

Young people usually lack core employability skill, since it is acquired non-formally through on-the-job training and work experience. Freshers, first-time jobseekers, drop-outs or unemployed youth find themselves at a disadvantage when competing for increasingly scarce employment opportunities which results into the rise in demand for CES development that helps with: 

  • Providing an access to quality education that provides youth not only with technical and vocational but also core employability skills; 
  • Promoting work-based learning, counselling and career guidance and active labour market programmes targeting vulnerable youth in particular. 

Must-have tools for youth  

Tools are all those programs, platforms, or templates that help the young people deliver their opinions, ideas and accomplish their goals. Here are some of the essential tools the youth needs:

World Youth Skills Day

Learning Management System (LMS) 

LMS is one of the best tools for the young people who want to manage users, create courses, track their performance of their online learning and overall training. They should know to make the best use of such systems and stay up-to-date. 

Content creation tools

As a part of youth, you should know how to market the product no matter what position you are looking for in a company. Marketing is an effective skill everyone is attracted to, when hiring you, so finding the right content creation tools with in-built templates could be helpful to create visual designs and create content yourself without any dependency on the other. 

Video editing software

If you’re wondering video editing is only limited to movies, tv broadcasts etc. then you might have to re-think about it. Learning video editing could turn out to be a very important learning for you to create attractive presentations, documentaries, projects and testimonials in your organization. Even a basic video editing software is available in our phones too, being handy and quick to combine videos, add text and transitions. You don’t need to look for only professional sources to learn video editing. Just the basic features of the tool would be enough to create a decent video content.  

Social media

We all love social media. We like posting there about all the activities we do in our personal life and sharing our daily activities with our friends. But, its not just limited to that. Its also about building a business too. Content creation is one of the most trending ways to earn lately. Digital creators, influencers are there on every platform like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook etc.  

Social media has replaced the concept of print and electronic media as well. We all get to know about everything happening in the world, first on online platforms these days. So, it is important for the youth to learn various features and hacks to make it big on social media. After all, it is one of the easiest ways to collaborate with each other, make money, build insights, deliver our message and get popular.  

You can create groups, ads, increase follower count, post often, create content to promote your product and sell easily. It required patience, however hard work always pays off!

Access to Digital Healthcare 

What is life without a good health? We possibly can’t do anything without a proper body functioning. All the goals, ambitions and dreams are of no use if your health doesn’t let you work on it.  

That’s why getting a healthcare plan is necessary for everyone including the young people. Studies show that young people also suffer from severe health conditions equally due to a change in the lifestyle with workload, less physical activity and overall a lack of awareness towards health.  

Healthcare is about getting complete health benefits and not just one part of it for a shortcut.  

The tool that you need in this modern world for health, is getting an access to comprehensive digital healthcare to make your life easy and that’s exactly what Onsurity’s healthcare membership is for.  

Onsurity app is packed with all the benefits which works on transforming the concept of healthcare making it easy, accessible, hassle free and time saving. It has all the healthcare features available like booking free doctor teleconsultations and discounted health checkups, online discounted medicine orders with delivery at your doorstep, group health insurance with health card of every team member and fitness tracking in one app.   

Say goodbye to the old concept of healthcare and go easy, effective and digital with Onsurity app.  

The Bottom Line 

Youth is the most important generation out of all for self-growth, learning, coming up with innovations and playing a role in developing their nation. Almost everyone is dependent on our young ones for better support and fulfilment of needs. Therefore, it is the primary responsibility of the youth to work on them and focus on self-development through these skills and tools.  

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