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“The ‘People Touch’ never goes out of style”

No matter the changing times, HR will always put people first, favour people over policies, and implement technology only to simplify the lives of the workforce. If there’s anyone who believes this to the T , it’s CHRO Sheetal Bhanot.

Sheetal Bhanot

Chief Human Resources Officer, Infra.Market

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  • postdateJune 10, 2022

In an exclusive conversation with us, Sheetal shares vital insights on employee wellness, technology, and a CHRO’s role in shaping the culture of the workplace.

CHROs lead with empathy

While CFOs and CEOs focus on managing the financial capital of the business, CHROs assist CEOs in assessing, assigning, and nurturing the people who make the organisation a success. Over the years, HR has been viewed as a back-end function and not a front-end aspect of the business. Sheetal has never considered HR as a backend function. She believes that irrespective of the industry, every organisation needs experienced HR personnel and a team to support its people with empathy. Understanding the business, considering the pain points of the people, and offering cohesive solutions at their fingertips is at the heart of what Sheetal does as an HR leader. Furthermore, she promotes coaching as a leadership skill set which when used by HR, enables senior management to build empowered teams.

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Tech is changing the face of HR

Technology combined with People analytics will help HR go beyond the conventional approach so that they can deploy high performing teams to achieve their goals. Through implementation of technology, Sheetal is dedicated to enhancing HR systems for greater convenience and efficiency at Infra.Market. She says that with the automation of traditional HR processes, monitoring employee goals and progress has become less time-consuming and fool proof.

Employee feedback is the backbone of HR success and as a CHRO, she relies on data-driven AI analytics to understand the needs and limitations of her workforce. From addressing immediate concerns to lending an ear whenever needed, she is on her way to transition to an AI-driven approach.

Organisational transformation is the key that starts with people; hence, she believes in encouraging Organization Network Analysis (ONA) to boost employee engagement and level up ‘people’ interaction on online platforms. She encourages her people to organically exchange information by visualising and analysing their formal and informal relationships within the organisation. This helps in increasing operational effectiveness by facilitating change, accelerating innovation and making informed decisions. As a people leader, she promotes a collaborative culture and uses this effective tool to manage complexities through communication flows across work networks. Sheetal believes that with ONA, HR leaders like herself can understand how stronger informal networks produce new ideas most efficiently. This puts HR leaders in a better position to replicate past success repeatedly.

The future of HR and technology looks promising

The future of HR is all about adopting and utilising technology in a mature and effective manner. HR operations are slowly but surely migrating to a fresh, tech-based system. In light of this, Sheetal believes in promoting the effective use of AI bots for most of the HR workflows. She continues, the purpose of this transition is to ensure that HR processes are seamless and effective. In addition, Sheetal says that HR must redesign processes for employee satisfaction and collaboration.

From offering assistance to her teammates at the blink of an eye to accurately streamlining the talent process, she looks to leverage technology and overcome challenges.

Sheetal Bhanot Shetty

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Sheetal Bhanot Shetty

People always come first

As a CHRO and people leader, Sheetal upholds a philosophy that the people of the organisation, the workforce, and the talent capital of the company, always come first. She believes it is essential to the smooth running of any organisation to leave room for change and adaptability. Every new day presents itself with fresh problems and sometimes, one may not find the solutions to every hurdle. In such cases, a people centric approach with a strong value judgment is important to make a well-informed and conscious decision.

In a nutshell

Having worked in the HR space for over two decades, Sheetal has had the honour of working with mentors who truly believe in what HR does and stands for. Inspired by them, her vision for the future of HR is to bridge the gap between the “people touch” and tech-trends. As a CHRO, Sheetal confirms that she will continue to encourage her team to stay on top of their game to deliver focused outcomes.

Sheetal is one of our most impactful people leaders of 2023.

Sheetal Bhanot Shetty

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Sheetal Bhanot Shetty
Sheetal Bhanot Shetty