5 Important Things to Know About Employee Healthcare Insurance in 2022

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Employee healthcare has now become an integral part of a company’s retention and employee attraction policy. If you already have a group health policy provided by your employer, then here are five important things to know about employee healthcare insurance in 2022. 

For an employee, group health insurance can turn to be a savior in times of a medical emergency. However, employees tend to overlook the benefits associated with the plan and are mostly unaware as to how they can make optimum use of this type of health policy. Here is what you need to know about your employer provided health insurance cover. 


Employee health insurance policy is purchased by employer as a part of its employee healthcare activity. The employer pays the premium for the policy. The premium for this type of insurance cover is less since the risk is spread between a group of employees. Few employers also extend the employee health benefits to family members of the employees. 

Less stringent 

In comparison to individual health insurance policy, group health insurance is less complicated in nature. Unlike health insurance, group cover does not require employees to undergo medical tests, conditions related to coverage of specific illnesses, pre-existing diseases are also not that strict. 

Comprehensive coverage 

Employee group health insurance policies offer you comprehensive coverage which may differ from insurer to insurer. Maternity benefits reduced pre-existing coverage, cashless hospitalization, COVID-19 coverage, home healthcare is usually covered under group health plans. 

Swift claims process 

Instead of running around to file health insurance claim with the insurance company, under group health insurance, all you need to do is contact your employer or the TPA to raise claims request. If hospitalized at a network hospital, employees can enjoy cashless claims process which means the employee does not have to pay anything out of pocket at the time of hospitalization.  

Extend coverage to family members 

With employee health insurance, employees can extend health cover to their extended family members like spouse and kids. Most employers offer coverage to extended family members for free of cost. Employees can also cover parents and parents in laws by paying additional premium, however, this may also vary from employer to employer. 

Few Group health insurance providers also offer wellness benefits 

Nowadays, group health insurers also offer a host of wellness benefits as a part of their employee health policies. The wellness benefits that are usually offered are on diagnostic tests, medicines and doctor consultations 

Onsurity Advantage 

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