Here Are 5 Other Awesome Benefits of Working Out You Might Now Know

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 If you follow a fitness influencer online, chances are the first thing you will notice is their shape. One of the key benefits of working out is the ability to tone your body. In fact, a 2020 Statista survey found that 43% of people work out to get a better-looking body. 

Focusing on shape though, should not be your end goal. A lot of people confuse fitness with a particular shape or physique. You should know that fitness is about more than just your appearance. There are plenty of other benefits of working out you should know. 

 There’s no direct way to measure these benefits, like weight loss. However, if you are feeling healthier, happier and less stressed, then it is probably a result of a good workout routine.  

Working Out the Right Way 

Before we dive into the benefits, you need to know about the right workout routine. Everyone is different, so it is very unlikely you will find a workout routine that matches your family or close friends perfectly. Here’s another blog we wrote about creating a sustainable workout routine based on your age. Do give it a read! 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when working out is that you need a plan that works for you. If you love the outdoors, chances are cycling, or hiking are more interesting than going to the gym. You could also consider a healthcare membership to a sports club or yoga studio, if you like. There are so many wellness membership plans out there for you to try.  

There’s no right or wrong answer, find what works for you and stick to it. To see the benefits of working out you need to be consistent. If you are, here are some of the changes you should see in your body. 

Feel the Power 

Benefits of working out: Energy

Remember studying “mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” in school? Well, the more you work out, the more mitochondria the body makes to produce more energy to meet your needs. In fact, a study found patients can decrease fatigue by 65% simply by participating in regular, low-intensity exercise. 

The benefits of working out also include better immunity. The increase in blood flow also leads to an increase in immune cells like T Cells. A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that those who did exercised five or more days of the week lowered the number infections by more than 40% 

Avoid Lifestyle Diseases 

Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases are diseases like obesity, high pressure, and thyroid that are caused by the way we live. Most of these diseases can be traced down to a few key lifestyle choices: lack of exercise, more fat, and oily food increased stress, and a poor sleep routine. 

To avoid these diseases, the simplest thing you can do is regular exercise. If you have an employee healthcare plan, see if it covers preventive check ups. Getting regular checkups is a simple way to ensure you aren’t at risk of lifestyle diseases. 

The Benefits of Working Out Include Happiness 


Stress is one of the key factors for lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, sleep disorders and other cardiovascular diseases. Regular exercise releases more endorphins and dopamine, the “feel good” hormones. That’s why you tend to feel happier after a workout.  

Exercise also pumps more oxygen to the brain, which is known to help manage anxiety and depression. So, if you are feeling blue, why not go for a run or engage in some yoga? 

Boost Your Brain Function 

Benefits of working out: brain function

Exercising stimulates the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus. This is the region associated with learning and memory. Not only are you able to remember better, but you also reduce the chances of age-related brain decline. 

“Growth factors” are proteins that your brain needs to create new connections and reinforce memories. Exercise is known to increase the amount of growth factors. Who knew the benefits of working out included a better memory? 

Build Military-level Discipline 

Here Are 5 Other Awesome Benefits of Working Out You Might Now Know

One of the many benefits of working out includes becoming a lot more disciplined. Working out daily requires a lot of motivation and self-control. Once you make it a routine part of your day like brushing or eating a meal, you will find that you have the punctuality and consistency to do any task.  

We can’t guarantee that you will get into the army, but you will find yourself achieving goals and being punctual in everything you do. 

Please remember that fitness and working out is about more than shape. If you are consistent, you will start to see these benefits of working out as well as many others. If you are a HR or leader, why don’t you include exercise in your employee wellness program?  

If you are wondering how, we recommend getting a comprehensive employee healthcare benefits plan. One that includes fitness along with other benefits like teleconsultations, discounted medicine delivery and group health insurance for MSMEs and startups. Onsurity provides such wellness membership plans for SMEs and startups. 

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