5 remote working strategies for businesses to boost productivity

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Around the globe, businesses of various sizes have been, embracing the new normal of remote working from homes. Many companies have seen a drastic rise in productivity by implementing new strategies and effective team structures that ensure the best results through remote working. Seimens Healthineer’s with its largest R&D unit, has set itself apart by transitioning from a performance-based rating system to a people-oriented approach. When comparing these businesses with those impacted negatively by the pandemic, the question that arises is – What is it that some companies are doing differently?

Productivity is affected by various factors like mode of communication, setting expectations, quick adoption of technology, realignment of business etc. The reason for Seimens Healthineer’s succession is frequent eye to eye level discussions, setting mutual expectations, and promote learning and development.

Below are some common strategies that can help you kick off better productivity.

1. Communication during remote working

This strategy is the ultimate deal as it can make or break your productivity. It is one of the most crucial factors for companies to ensure easy communication among their peers. Most SMEs, MSMEs, and startups rely on multiple modes of communication to address their expectations.

The mode of communication depends on team to team functionality, some prefer a call, chat, video conferences or emails etc. It is quite tricky to identify the right communication tool for teams. However, if found, it can help with solving real-time problems in a considerable amount of time.

Communication works for those who work at it

2. Remote working with an effective team structure

Every member has their role and responsibility and every team has different functionalities. The members at higher levels need to establish easy, communicable strategies. Team structures should be simplified enough to let a new-hire or an existing employee adapt flexibly. Every team member should know who to contact from a different team for discussions or task allotments. Within teams, projects should be planned and distributed accurately to ensure the right people work on them without any dependencies. These transparent strategies help every member of the team realize their common goals and work towards them.

Such foundational strategies would help teams solve solutions on time and work efficiently on daily tasks. By keeping strategies formulated, employees can work seamlessly on multiple projects which would ensure productivity.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success

3. Experiment with new technology

Active team members put their minds together to churn out ideas and solve problems. As a company leader or manager, investing in technology to enable this ideation and brainstorming process can be rewarding in multiple ways. Putting aside the physical distance between teams, healthy, insightful communication can still take place if the right tools are used. This not only assists with a smooth workflow and business processes, but also makes work more interesting.

We are all evolving with time and our strength is to adapt the new forms of technology and adopt the most effective solutions for our businesses. Companies should invest in a centralized form of tech-based to empower their team’s performance.

“Technology not only makes you work from home But also to take your work home” – Hema Krishnan

4. Experiment and learn and upskill

Tools and learning are a great way to encourage teams to spend their time outside of the office. Discovering new tools and using them is often fun, as is learning and upskilling. It not only ensures your teams stay busy but also helps them grow while with the company and help in the growth of the company.

The synonymous decision to introduce new tools can help employees flexibly adapt and learn the tool in a short period. Experimenting intends to ensure smooth workflow in our complex business problems which ultimately enhances productivity.

Innovation requires an experimental mindset

5. Promote health and wellness

In this tough situation, employees are working in isolation, and there are many struggling to adapt with the new normal. As members of the team, we can create a sense of community by initiating conversations about promoting health and wellness.

A small gesture of empathetic conversation can provide a sense of importance among employees. Awareness is a must in such cases to keep employees self-motivated to focus on their health. Start a virtual interaction with an expert or ensure healthcare services with their group health insurance. It is necessary to empower them as it reflects gratitude to their contribution as a strong workforce.

Here at Onsurity, we ensure to follow these strategies to achieve success through the mode of remote working. As our duty, we can help you by empowering your workforce by promoting health and wellness through our comprehensive healthcare plans to enhance your productivity. 

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