5 Smart steps to win your employees heart when remote working

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Many organizations have undergone an almost overnight transformation to enable employees to work from home. The new remote working culture has its challenges, and perhaps the biggest one is maintaining employee motivation alongside a thriving business. 

With the current workforce a hybrid mix of millennials and tenured employees, there’s no magic wand for motivation. In a fast-paced, quality-driven world, it is important for business owners to find the right steps for better productivity. 

With that in mind, here are a few simple strategies to help boost employee motivation and get the most out of your business in the remote working era. 

Promote Intrapreneurship  

Every workplace has a selective group of people who can influence their teams by delivering action-oriented approaches and smart solutions. They usually set themselves apart by having a unique approach and specific skill-sets such as critical thinking, business ideation, early adoption of technology etc. They can help fundamentally transform your business if given the right platform.

The intrapreneurial approach is largely found in start-ups where individuals are given the chance to work independently while embracing team culture. In smaller teams, driven towards quicker growth, it’s important to identify such members and empower them to handle challenges. This allows them to innovate new solutions, thus motivating them to perform at their best. 

Intrapreneurship is an attitude not a department

Remote Working Means Remote Engagement 

Back in the “good old days”, team leaders or supervisors usually engaged their teams through outings, parties or other events. In a post-pandemic world though, these solutions might not be the safest way to engage teams. As work from home becomes the norm, it is critical to engage in virtual events, as a safe alternative.  

Replace water-cooler chats and tea breaks with digital informal catch ups. It’s also a good idea to create communication channels for non-work-related topics, like sports, films or just parenting tips.  You can also take an hour out weekly to engage in activities like yoga or meditation as a team.  

These sessions will allow employees to take regular breaks, thus keeping their minds fresh. They also make for great problem-solving sessions, if someone is stuck and needs help. That’s an easy way to benefit the business! Such sessions will help strengthen the professional relationship, which is fundamental for a strong team. 

Encourage Virtual Rewards  

Recognition is a fundamental aspect of motivation. To boost morale, a culture of recognition is often critical. You might have already been doing it – through employee of the month awards and other rewards. 

It’s time to take those rewards online. By acknowledging your employee’s achievements, you are motivating them and others in the team to aim higher and perform better. If you don’t know where to start, here are some appreciation badges found on Microsoft Teams. 

Provide virtual certificates (great for LinkedIn), or even e-coupons for high performing employees. If you have cash to spare, small bonuses also work wonders. Another method is by providing employees an opportunity to showcase their talents, either within the company or outside.  

Teams Praise badges
Team badges by Microsoft Badges

Remote Working is Flexible Working 

Remote working isn’t a breeze though. According to the buffers statistics remote report 2020, employees face several challenges that prevent them from creating a proper work routine. Encourage your employees by adopting flexible work arrangements, around their timings to help get the most out of the work day.  

How to Support Employees Struggling with Remote Working
Struggles faced by employees when remote working. Source: Buffer Remote Report 2020

Letting employees set their conditions and boundaries within the team enables them to be proactive, and thus more productive. Remember, there’s no one size fits all solution here, everyone is different.   

Embrace Online Learning  

The digital shift has inspired employers and employees alike to upskill through online portals. Encourage employees to invest time in learning new skills, which can further enhance their performance. 

The best way to achieve this, as a leader, is to provide a common digital platform like a company-wide Coursera subscription. Not only does it fill knowledge gaps, it also helps ensure you are a step ahead of the competition! You can also go further by creating material based on your own products and services. It will later help with onboarding new employees who are working remotely.  

Advantages of e-learning for employers

To really boost confidence, why not schedule training sessions? It will help employees feel confident in their abilities, which will help them perform better.  

Here at Onsurity, we ensure such interactive engagements are implemented to applaud each other’s commitment to work. We find that these steps work for us, which is why we are recommending them to you. 

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