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As a small business, saving even a few Rupees can go a long way. Especially in the current economic crisis, we are sure you want to cut down on your expenses as much as possible. When it comes to cutting costs, it’s not an easy choice. That’s why Onsurity made affordable employee healthcare costs an important part of our healthcare membership. 

When you have to make the hard decision to cut costs, it’s very likely you will have to sacrifice – either on your employees or on your assets. We are here to tell you that there is a better way. It has to do with health benefits for startups and MSMEs. 

Affordable healthcare costs with healthcare plans can boost productivity, improve employee health and act as a beacon to attract quality employees. And with Onsurity, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. If you have an Onsurity membership, you can enjoy a more productive, happy and healthy workforce while saving big on your healthcare expenses in the long run.  

Affordable Employee Healthcare Costs with Onsurity 

Affordable Employee Healthcare Costs

As an SME or startup, getting access to employee healthcare benefits isn’t easy. Even if you want just group health insurance, you will need at least 50 employees to enjoy the cost-saving plans that most insurance companies offer. Have less than 50 employees? Then it might not seem like you can get affordable employee healthcare for your team.  

That’s where Onsurity comes in. Our employee wellness programs help you save up to 50% on your employee healthcare plans as compared to alternatives. Even if you have just 3 employees, Onsurity works for you. We offer cost reduction strategies in healthcare with a monthly subscription.  

As an added benefit, you only pay for the employees you have on the payroll at any given time. We only charge for the period your employee is a member of Onsurity. Because of our unique subscription model, you can add/delete employees as they join/leave your business. Our plans are completely flexible to you, so you pay for the number of employees you have now, not had, or will have. That’s how affordable employee healthcare should be.  

Another advantage of Onsurity is that you get to pick the plan you want. Onsurity’s business health plans come with selectively curated options. You pick the plan that works for you and your team. You can also choose whether to extend the employee healthcare benefits to your team and their families. You have full control to build a plan that works for you.  

That way, you get access to affordable employee healthcare that’s right for you and your team. If your employees want to, they can choose to upgrade their membership to a higher tier. They can also choose to add their families if you haven’t already, by paying from their pocket. That way, we ensure that both you and your employees are paying exactly for what you need.  

Affordable Employee Healthcare Costs and Benefits for Your Team 

affordable employee healthcare costs

As an employer, you can save big with Onsurity. Your employees can save big too. Our affordable employee healthcare plans offer some great value-for-money benefits that your employees will love. If they are looking for ways to cut their healthcare costs, there’s no better option than Onsurity. We know healthcare costs are very high, so we work with some of India’s finest HealthTech startups to provide benefits that help employees save more. Here’s how-

Discounted medicine deliveryWhether your employees are on a prescription, or just need a one-time dose, medication costs can leave a huge hole in their pocket. That’s why we have discounted medicine delivery built into the app. Members can enjoy up to 20% off on their orders. 

Discounted Health Check-upsPreventive health check-ups are a great way to spot major diseases early on, but they are often very expensive. With an Onsurity membership, you employees can enjoy up to 65% off on their check-ups, as well as access discounted lab tests.  

Low-cost Teleconsultations: Doctor consultations are rarely covered by insurance, making them an expensive affair. With Onsurity, your employees can access low-cost doctor teleconsultations straight from their phone. Not only do they save money, but also time and effort. 

Exclusive Offers: Onsurity has regular offers provided by our partners. Covering everything from eyewear to fitness and wellness membership plans, access to Onsurity is a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. It’s all part of your affordable employee healthcare plan, there’s nothing you need to do. 

With Onsurity, affordable employee healthcare costs for MSMEs and startups is a reality. You can give your team the healthcare they deserve, with lower healthcare costs for everyone. Not only do you save, but your team has access to some truly great benefits they will love to use. Don’t take our word for it, we already have 400+ companies who call us their “preferred healthcare partner”.  

We at Onsurity believe access to healthcare should be a basic right, which is why we carefully thought out business health plans are designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of SMEs and startups.  

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