Health perks and benefits employees expect from employers

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Based in data shared on the report ‘State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report’ by Gallup represented in image below India has seen a steady average drop in employee engagement. This includes factors such as the global Coronavirus pandemic, but it shows overall dissatisfaction at workplace.

Entrepreneurs do not have control over such life-altering events. However, they do have the control of taking measures to be unaffected by such events especially when it comes to their workforce by substantially by providing benefits employees expect from employers.

How important are the benefits employees expect from employers?

Importance of employee perks in the current scenario has been established earlier but it is essential to understand why sometimes why are benefits more important than salary? While salary allows the workforce to make money financial perks allow people to save money in their inevitable expenses such for health.

Healthcare benefits employees expect from employers possibly can be more important than the salary because a health plan can sometimes pay for the expenses the employee’s salary is not sufficient for. This also is important for employers to note especially because it will not only increase employee engagement with the emotional benefactor that they are being taken care of but also reduce attrition and improve performance and productivity.

Employee Expectations in the Post COVID Workplace

Here are some of the major needs and expectations that employees may have even if they are working for an MSME, during and post pandemic:

  • Work from Home: According to a JLL research it has been observed that employees wish to work remotely 2.4 days a week once the pandemic ends which is twice the earlier expectations.  While there are certain jobs and professions that require the presence of the employee such as essential services and manufacturing, a lot of tech-based jobs and professions can be majorly done from home. While there is always a debate on work gets done better and more efficiently in the office, there is already a transition that employers are opening their minds to when it comes to working remotely as meeting a need and expectations of their employees even after the pandemic ends.
  • Social activities with colleagues/ Events to build team bonding: There is a major necessity of creating a rapport between employees to work together even during the pandemic through web events and interactive team building activities. This is not just an expectation but a need for the business to improve the productivity and at the same ensure the employee’s well-being is looked after.
  • Connectivity: To ensure the employees to work on their tasks smoothly the company should be able to make the latest in tech available to them so that there is no disruption of work due to poor connectivity or lack of resources such as software and hardware to enable smooth operation. This is a minimalistic requirement which is essential not just in ensuring employee satisfaction but the smooth-running of the overall organization.
  • Employee healthcare: One of the most important perks of employee welfare is to ensure that they are healthy and fit to carry out these duties. Given the current situation health has taken the forefront for perks that employees need and expect from their workplace. So, providing a convenient healthcare plan would be beneficial in the overall satisfaction of the individual just it would raise the bar for attendance and avoid disruptions due to sickness.

A Solution To Provide Healthcare and Wellbeing needs and expectations of the Employee

While the company can always create a budget for work from home, adequate equipment, and social activities the healthcare aspect can be taken care through Onsurity. Onsurity is India’s only Health-tech company providing monthly, comprehensive employee healthcare to SMEs, MSMEs, Start-ups and growing businesses.

With the aim of democratizing technology, we are giving everyone, from entrepreneurs to small businessmen, a chance to ensure their team has access to the best of healthcare with our simple and affordable products. Onsurity was founded to empower SMEs and enterprises to solve their major problem – affordable employee healthcare and benefits. This in turn helps increase employee retention, productivity, attract talent and enable SME to build a happier workforce.


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