4 Basic Reasons Why the Benefits of Employee Healthcare Matter

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Even before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, we knew things were not going to be the same. Now, a year into the pandemic, we do know one thing – life as we know it is no longer possible. Now, there’s a “new normal” we need to adapt to. That applies not just for our individual lives, but businesses as well. That’s why you should take the benefits of employee healthcare seriously.  

Businesses both big and small have been severely impacted by the crisis. Social distancing norms have forced a shift to remote working. That hasn’t deterred companies though, as they are finding new and innovative ways to build a safer more resilient and productive workplace for everyone. 

Renewed Focus on the Benefits of Employee Healthcare

Work from home comes with many challenges, but perhaps none are as difficult to tackle as healthcare is. Longer working hours, lack of physical activity and increased workloads have left employees struggling. That has created a renewed focus on the benefits of employee healthcare in the workplace, as employers are now:  

  • More transparent and understanding towards the pains and concerns of their employees and stakeholders.  
  • Treating the mental and physical health of employees as mission-critical by introducing multiple employee healthcare benefits. 
  • Advocating for more flexible work hours so that everyone feels comfortable.  

That’s not all though. Thanks to COVID-19, employers have had ample time and opportunity to rethink the benefits of employee healthcare. Especially for startups, these benefits are critical to retaining and attracting employees. Lively’s 2019 Wellness & Wealth Report found that 76% of respondents listed healthcare coverage in their top 3 choices of employee benefits, more than any other choice. 

Current employee healthcare benefits insufficient

With that renewed focus by jobseekers and employees, companies are adapting in response. Now healthcare isn’t an afterthought, but a critical part of the business. Here are just a few ways how: 

Emphasis on Mental Wellbeing 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental disorders cost the global economy approximately $1 trillion each year. To make up for that, many companies are putting a renewed focus on mental wellbeing.  

Employee healthcare benefits now include mindfulness, meditation and other techniques. Some startups have even turned to group sessions once a week with an expert. That’s a great way to not just avoid burnout, but also build a team spirit.  

Healthy Workplace Habits 

To help check the spread of COVID-19, employee healthcare benefits have now extended to the physical world. Most companies have a work from home policy and provide PPE kit to those employees returning to the workplace.  

There’s also increased decontamination and cleaning schedules, as well as regular monitoring of employee health. While it’s likely we may never return to the office, these changes are meant to help the frontline workers whose physical presence is a necessity. That way, they have a healthy and safe environment to work in.  

Salary Package Changes 

The benefits of employee healthcare have made their way to employee salary packages. Employers are not just adding comprehensive group health insurance, but also paid leave for mental health reasons, bereavement pay and support for learning programs.  

Other changes include flexible working hours, and more time off for things like festivals and birthdays. That way, employees will feel valued and cared for, which in turn leads to better productivity.  

 Group Health Insurance 

With the prospect of hospitalizations seeming more real with each passing day, startups are investing in more comprehensive group health insurance for startups. These plans not only save the employees’ money, but also means less stress in case of hospitalization. That allows employees to be more focussed on achieving business goals than worrying about medical expenses. 

It’s clear by now that the “new normal” is here to stay. Many employers will have to proactively plan their survival in the post-COVID-19 world to remain competitive. At the same time, ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing through the benefits of employee healthcare will be of utmost importance.  

As a startup or SME, it can be hard to find a healthcare plan that suits your needs. That’s why Onsurity has built a range of employee healthcare benefits programs. Our unique healthcare membership gives MSMEs and startups access to useful added benefits like doctor teleconsultations and discounted medicine delivery. We have also added health insurance for SMEs and startups, as a part of our membership plan, provided by our insurance partner. 

Our business health plans are employee wellness programs, designed for the all-round wellbeing of your team. Head over to our website to get an instant quote and get employee healthcare benefits that everyone will love.  

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