10 Unique Benefits of Healthcare Membership from Onsurity

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We at Onsurity believe healthcare should be a right. That’s why we built a healthcare plan where the benefits of healthcare membership help do just that. Our revolutionary healthcare membership is designed to give MSME and startup employees access to the best possible healthcare, at prices that are affordable for all businesses.  

Whether you have 3 employees or 500, whether they are full-time or part-time, or even contract there’s no barrier to Onsurity’s employee healthcare plans. That’s not all though, there are plenty of other reasons 400+ emerging businesses call us their “preferred healthcare partners”.  

There are too many to list, so here are just the top 10 unique benefits of healthcare membership our members have come to love.  

Benefits of Healthcare Membership from Onsurity

Benefit #1: Curated Options to Choose From 

We know everyone’s healthcare needs are different. That’s why we give our members not one or two, but multiple selectively curated plans to choose from. Businesses can pick between a Topaz, Onyx, Opal, Ruby and Jade healthcare membership.  

The higher your plan, the greater your employee’s savings. Of course, we give you full flexibility to pick a plan that works for you. Your employees can choose to upgrade if they so wish by paying the difference.  

Innovative product and plan. Everything is simple, smooth, and hassle-free.

Yeshwant Reddy (Sundarvijayam Automobile Services

Benefit #2: Built By You, For You 

The benefits of healthcare membership from Onsurity is that it is designed by you, for you. You can offer different plans for different members of your team, depending on their needs.   

Onsurity allows you to build a subscription that you like. It’s personal to your team and puts you in control. That way, you can ensure your team gets the healthcare they need and deserve. 

Benefit #3: You Save up to 50% 

Onsurity offers a monthly subscription option for your healthcare membership, allowing you to breakdown your healthcare costs into small manageable bills. The benefits of healthcare membership with us is that way you save up to 50% on your healthcare costs. 

By paying monthly, you also ensure you pay for the number of employees you have, not had or will have. Onboarded someone today? Then can get instant access to their plan. Likewise, if an employee has left, the subscription model means you stop paying for them that month.  

Benefit #4: Extend Your Healthcare Membership to Everyone 

Onsurity benefits of healthcare membership

Modern teams aren’t made of only full-time employees. We are sure you have some freelancers, contract, and part-time staff on the payroll as well. Traditionally, that means they would not have access to employee healthcare benefits. 

That’s where Onsurity is different. If they are on your payroll, they are eligible for our employee healthcare plans. It’s a great way to build goodwill and give your team a safe and happy environment to work in.  

Benefit #5: It’s so Easy to Manage, Anyone Can Do it 

Normally, managing a healthcare membership would be a full-time job. You’d need a dedicated person to work with your provider to add/delete employees, ensure their claims are processed, and manage all other aspects. It’s not easy, or fun. 

That’s where Onsurity is different. Our revolutionary digital dashboard makes it so easy to manage, anyone can do it. From paying bills to adding/deleting employees, you can access everything you need in a single place.  

Benefit #6: We Care, That’s Why Our Support is the Best 

If you have any issues with your healthcare membership, getting support can often involve long wait times on calls and large email chains. It’s confusing, time-consuming and most importantly outdated. That’s why we built a better way. 

Our customer success team is one of the best in the business, easily accessible and always available. Furthermore, our Good Doctors Team is on hand to help employees with anything related to hospitalization and claims assistance. If they have a question, we have the answer!  

Onsurity’s TeamSure plan really stands out in the market not just because of their all-around healthcare features and app but also because of their great service.

Geetika M (Park+)

Benefit #7: Employees are in Control, as They Should be 

The business buys the employee healthcare plans, but it is the employee that have to use it. That’s why it is important that they are in control. With Onsurity, we ensure that is the case. Employees can choose to upgrade their healthcare membership or extend benefits to their families.  

They also get access to all their benefits from the Onsurity App. That way, they can get the healthcare they need, when they need it. From consulting with experts to ordering a prescription, and even getting cashless hospitalization, they can do everything from the app.  

Benefit #8: Families are Welcome!  

Onsurity healthcare membership for the whole family

As an employer, you can choose to purchase a healthcare membership for an employee or his family. If you cannot do so, an employee can by paying for them directly, removing the need for you to manage the salary deduction for such a situation. Onsurity’s plans are family friendly.  

Members can add spouses, children, parents, in-laws and even siblings. They get access to all the same great benefits as a member does.  

Benefit #9: More Benefits to Love 

Onsurity’s comprehensive employee healthcare plans come with benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted health check-ups and medicine delivery, fitness tracking and group health insurance for members from our insurance partner. 

Members also have access to exclusive health and fitness webinars as well as offers from Onsurity’s partners. Our healthcare membership is designed to give you complete healthcare – from mental and physical to emotional. It’s a holistic approach ideal for the post-pandemic world.  

They are always available for any assistance, from the founders to POC’s are always on their toes to ensure an effective communication.

Kishan Verma (Yolobus)

Benefit #10: The Benefits Don’t Stop 

The list isn’t done yet. We are constantly working hard to deliver the best possible care and support for our valued members. From bringing new partners on board to creating more benefits employees can access, the work doesn’t stop for us. 

Over the coming years, we expect to be the first thing you think of when someone says “employee benefits”. We hope you will join us on this journey, rewarding your hardworking teams for their passion and dedication. Affordable employee healthcare from Onsurity isn’t just about employee benefits, but building a culture of caring, concern, and health.

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