Benefits of Onsurity healthcare membership making management hassle-free

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As of August 2021, Onsurity has been getting a lot of accolades for its efforts to enhance the employee healthcare sector. A well-known brand Tracxn even recognized Onsurity’s efforts to democratize the employee health benefits plans for SMEs, Start-ups and emerging businesses of India. But what really makes all these things possible? What is really the key ingredient in our mix that ticks? Well, there isn’t one, but many. However, the primary goal for any product to thrive starts with the basic: hassle-free. What is the USP of Onsurity healthcare membership?

benefits of onsurity healthcare membership

Hassle-free Onsurity Membership for Employers

Here is what the employer facing offerings are as a hassle-free product based on the benefits of Onsurity healthcare membership:

Monthly payable membership

Annual healthcare memberships with group health insurance coverage can be inadequately cumbersome on the working capital of the company. So, why not pay monthly? Not only does it reduce the pressure on the fiscal year, but it also helps to automatically increase and decrease the employee healthcare benefits offered based on the existing situation of the company.

For teams as small as 3 members

Every team is deserving of the benefits of Onsurity healthcare membership. Onsurity’s mission is to tap the 63 million people who don’t have any healthcare benefits or more gravely do not have the access or even knowledge of customized healthcare plans. In such cases, the smallest of businesses can enjoy the benefits of Onsurity healthcare membership.

For full-time and part-time employees

Onsurity also does not discriminate when it comes to the type of employment because they understand that businesses have different formats of employment to enable freelancers, contractual workers, and even hourly workers in the mix because everyone deserves great healthcare.

Digital employer dashboard with billing and invoice tracking

This is one of the coolest features of Onsurity. Technology allows Onsurity to give you anytime, anywhere access to a company’s employee benefits management platform which includes some great features such as invoicing and billing for computations for the finance and HR teams and of course, add or remove members from the team with every entry or exit that occurs in the company.

Purchase Healthcare for team in 2 minutes

‘How much time it will take to activate your healthcare membership?’ Just 2 minutes. How much time does it take to onboard your team? Just 2 minutes. All one needs to do is ensure that the information for the employees are accurate.

Hassle-free Onsurity Membership for Employees

Here is what the employee facing offerings are as a hassle-free product based on the benefits of Onsurity healthcare membership:

One platform for complete healthcare

From ordering medicines online, health checkups to hospitalization assistance and claims support is included in the iOS and android friendly apps downloadable on a member’s mobile device. You do no need to use multiple apps for healthcare needs but just one.

Claim reimbursement support and Hospitalization assistance

As mentioned earlier, these vital requisites are taken care of by the Good Doctors Team who are a 24x7x365 team dedicated to serving the employee healthcare members better.

Zero Paperwork

How much time it will take to activate your healthcare membership? 2 minutes as mentioned before and all you need is your phone number to login and activate your plan.

Fitness & wellness benefits

It’s not just physical health but the membership includes deals and offers for mental health wellness, google fit compatibility, and even offers on optics and dental care. There are multiple webinars health every month for members on Yoga, mental health and more.

Customized healthcare plans

Based on the company’s team members the packages offered are customized to suit not just budget but demographic requirements as well.

The Bottom Line

For more details on the benefits of Onsurity healthcare membership, connect with Onsurity at: If you want your company to provide you with these employee healthcare benefits, don’t forget to share this blog and the adjoining email for the same, with your founder or HR team.


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