3 Benefits of Paid Maternity Leave for Employers

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Paid maternity leave for employers 

Paid leave is one of the very basic benefits of different types of work which means leave with pay. To elaborate better, leave with pay is a situation in which an employee is allowed to take a leave from work with the permission of their employer and still gets an advantage of receiving full salary during that period of time.  

Leave with pay has different forms and one of the very important forms of it is paid maternity leave which is a paid leave of absence from work for women that allows female employees the benefit of being away from the workplace and focus on caring of their newly born, and at the same time be able to retain their jobs.  

The concept of paid maternity leave in India was implemented during the first Maternity leave Act of 1961 also called, The Maternity leave Benefit Act 1961.  

This Act highlighted to take an action for women employees to grant them a paid leave of 12 weeks post-delivery which is the most recommended maternity leave length for taking care of the new-born and their own health as a new mother. 


3 Benefits of paid maternity leave for employers and their business 

We can definitely realize how much paid maternity leave is important for a to-be-mother or a new mother. It can help reduce infant mortality rate, provide enough time to the mother to care for her newly born and also be able to live the best of her beautiful phase of life which is motherhood.  

However, the benefits of paid maternity leave are much more than just being limited to the mother and her baby.  

They can even extend to the business of an employer who provides paid maternity leave by enhancing growth and productivity of their organization. Wondering how? Here are the reasons for the same.  

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1. Paid maternity leave helps increase women’s workforce and employee retention 

Employee retention is one of the most important paid maternity leave benefits for employers. An organization that grants women workforce enough paid maternity leave is able to retain its employee at better rate any day. It is important for any company to realize an importance of providing enough paid maternity leave until the mother herself feels confident to get back to work.  

Retention is after all very important because sometimes replacing people can be very expensive. It can let the company suffer a huge loss of their former talent and train the new joinees every other day. Also, in some cases, even the new joinees can’t cope up with their new role until they work under a skilled professional and learn.   

Without paid maternity leave, employee retention will be low and the process of looking for new joinees, expecting them to join instantly and training them will be impractical, time consuming and full of hassle at the same time. 


2. Paid maternity leave helps with the process of recruiting the best talent 

Companies that offer enough paid maternity leave not only satisfies a women employee to join a new organization they look forward to get hired in, but also male staff who care about paternity leave policies as well.  

In this war for talent among all the competitors, it’s more than just a regular salary that can drive employee conversions and retention.  

Many companies are growing and shifting their benefit offerings to their employees to be able to recruit the best talent and build the strongest workforce and providing paid maternity leave is one of the most important steps to do the same. 


3. Paid maternity leave attracts the public 

The action of providing paid maternity leave to women employees does not only help retain and recruit the best talent but also helps with getting enough recognition outside of the organization as well by attracting the public as this step of providing such benefits shows the amount of empathy and compassion of an employer towards their employees.  

An employer who cares, is definitely worth being appreciated and a recognized organization can boost the motivation level of its employees to get even more engaged and stay productive throughout. Creating attraction is the best strategy and one of the worthy benefits of paid maternity leave for employers.   


The bottom line 

For an employer, providing enough paid maternity leave to their women workforce is not only beneficial for their female staff but also equally important for the growth of business with the best workforce.  

Apart from giving mandatory maternity benefits like paid leave from the organization itself, here’s another affordable and wonderful effort you can make for your female employees who are to-be mothers, to make their pregnancy even more beautiful and safe which can even help boost their morale and productivity.  

That is, providing Onsurity’s healthcare plan 

Onsurity offers a comprehensive healthcare with multiple health benefits that your women employees can make a use of. From free online doctor consultations to medicine delivery, to group health insurance, Onsurity has created the healthcare plans that are perfect to fulfill the needs of your female workforce.  

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