7 Inexpensive Strategies for Blue Collar Employee Retention You Need to Try

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As companies are evolving with the pandemic and digital technology, so are business strategies. Nowhere is this more visible than employee hiring and retention. Today, with workers expecting more than a better salary, blue collar employee retention has become a major challenge for SMEs.  

With the influx of millennials and Gen Z, preferences and expectations have greatly changed. Today’s blue-collar workers are more informed, vocal and willing to fight for their rights. That’s why it is vital for employers to understand the psyche of the new-generation workforce. How do you do so? Here are some tips that will help in blue collar employee retention and design incentive for blue collar workers. 

Blue Collar Employee Retention Strategies 

Ensure Workers Safety 

Blue collar employees are prone to injury, primarily because their work involves manual tasks like handling complex machinery or constructing buildings. When it comes to blue collar employee retention workers, SMEs should identify potential hazards and eliminate them.  

To do that, it is vital you invest in protective gear and equipment. Also, ensure you organize training sessions. It helps employees feel valued, builds trust, and helps them act quickly in case of an emergency. 

Collaborative Decision-Making 

Rather than take decisions alone, it’s a good idea to involve your employees in the process. Great businesses value collaborative decision-making. A boss that only asks people to obey him/her isn’t someone whose employees will want to work with him in the long run. 

SMEs should ask for feedback from employees on how they can help them with their day-to-day operations. Retaining blue-collar workers also means giving them constructive suggestions, rather than criticism.  

Celebrate Employee Achievements For Blue Collar Employee Retention 

Employees feel good when their work is recognized. Rewards and acknowledgement, in addition to employee wellness benefits, go a long way in retaining employees. It encourages positivity and enhances the company’s work culture.  

According to Qualtrics, employees whose managers acknowledge their work are 5 times more likely to stay in a company than others. That’s why it is vital you recognize your employees for a job well done.  

Blue collar employee retention statistics

Increase Blue Collar Employee Retention By Showing Empathy 

The key to strong, long-lasting relationships is by showing empathy to your employees. Think from the perspective of your employee while communicating with them. Small acts of kindness such as extending a deadline will keep them motivated.  

Get your HR department to conduct regular one-to-ones and check in on your team. Ask about their health, family and mental state. That way, they will feel valued, which is the easiest way to blue collar employee retention. 

Increase Monetary Compensation 

While money isn’t the only factor determining an employee’s loyalty towards a company, it is definitely a motivator. It’s the reason why many people wake up and go to the workplace each day. That’s why you need to ensure your salaries are in line with industry standards. 

If not, you could end up losing a quality worker to the competition. Apart from basic salary, look at other tools like performance-based pay and profit sharing to increase their monetary compensation. 

Avoid Making Comparisons 

SME management isn’t easy. One of the essential things you should cultivate in yourself and within all your employees is to avoid comparisons between employees. For instance, comparing blue collar employees with white-collar employees is a strict No.  

The stigma around the blue collar workers should end. They should be equally valued. You can do that by providing sponsored apprenticeships, training programmes and career advancement opportunities.  

Introduce Technology 

Technology has become the backbone of modern civilization, so why should you miss out? With advancements like artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), you can make your workplace digital-first.  

It is a good idea to invest in such technologies and train your workers to use them. Don’t see technology as an alternative, but as an assistant. That way, you won’t take away the livelihoods of blue collar workers. Rather than replace them, you will empower your workers to be ready for the future. It will also help develop their professional and personal skills, which is a great asset for you in the long run. 

Even if you implement a few of these strategies, you should see a difference in blue collar employee retention rates. However, it’s good to remember that life is always unpredictable. That’s why you need a great employee healthcare plan for your team. It’s a great tool for not just blue collar employee retention and motivating blue collar workers but also reducing healthcare costs.  I hope this helped you answer some of the questions like how to engage blue-collar workers or how to deal with blue collar workers.

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