Prioritize Employee Benefits to Build a Rewarding Employee Experience

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As a founder/owner for a startup or SME, never undervalue the power of a rewarding employee experience, through benefits. They help to not only attract quality talent but also to retain the talent in your organization. But what exactly are benefits? Put simply, any non-wage compensation provided to employees as a ‘perk’ for working with the company is called employee benefits.  

They matter a lot for employees since it helps cover additional costs and rewards them for the hard work they put in. Most companies offer the same benefits – health, life and accidental insurance, profit sharing, transportation costs, paid time off etc. Some have even gone beyond to cater to millennial needs, offering things like gym memberships, childcare benefits, remote working options and access to learning programs.  

Challenges with Employee Benefits 

When it comes to picking the employee benefits for your organization, there are significant barriers. With your financial situation, you need to ensure you are offering the right employee experience, with the right perks for the role. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, it can be hard to build a benefits package that works for your whole organization. 

That shouldn’t deter you though. Remember that great employees do not come cheap. Just offering them a compensation package as per the industry standards will no longer suffice. The right rewarding employee experience is one that is tailored for that particular role and makes an individual feel like he/she is being rewarded for their effort.  

In a pre-COVID world, it was easier to build a rewarding employee experience. With things like casual Fridays, happy hours and in-office perks, employees felt rewarded in the office. But how do you adapt those things to a remote working scenario

When remote working, some employee benefits can seem worthless. That’s why it is vital to rethink your employee experience, or you could end up losing your most valuable assets to the competition. 

rewarding employee experience through benefits

Healthcare Matters 

Marsh India’s “Employee Health & Benefits in India” report found that health and wellbeing was ranked first and second as key focus areas for employee benefits. That’s directly linked to the 84% increase in healthcare costs, Marsh found.  

As an employer, that means you shouldn’t be cutting corners when it comes to your employee healthcare plans. The healthcare plan you pick shouldn’t just suit the occupational risk, but also the affordability and other requirements of your team. For a post-COVID world, a comprehensive healthcare plan will help reassure your employees you care about their wellbeing. 

That means you need to look beyond a traditional insurance and healthcare plan. Sure, you still need health insurance, but what employees’= value most today is value-added benefits that most insurance plans don’t have. That’s why you need to look at healthcare plans like TeamSure by Onsurity. 

TeamSure by Onsurity is an employee healthcare plan built for SMEs and start-ups. The low-cost subscription means you save up to 50% on your healthcare costs, while at the same time giving employees some great value-added benefits. We’ve set the standard for best employee wellness programs, covering preventive care, fitness and other health benefits. 

The Onsurity Advantage 

What are those benefits you ask? For starters, our members get group health insurance from our partner insurer with their Onsurity Plus membership. It’s a digital-first plan, that can be managed through Onsurity’s app. If you need help in knowing your plan details or claims support, Onsurity’s Good Doctor Team offers expertise you can access.  

Our other partners also give you access to digital lab test booking and medicine ordering. The app also comes with access to doctor-teleconsultations, at your employees’ convenience. That way, your employees can put their health first at any time and any place.  

A membership to Onsurity also gives your team access to free webinars from health and fitness experts. It’s the best way to learn about staying healthy while staying at home. We do believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why our platform is built with preventive care in mind. So your team can give their best at work, without having to worry about falling sick. 

That’s not all though. We are working on a few other features to make Onsurity your single destination for a rewarding employee experience like no other. It’s a digital first and smart way to provide employee benefits. Head to our website to join the 200+ other SMEs and start-ups who have made Onsurity their “preferred healthcare partner”. 

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