6 Effective Ways to Get Employees Involved in Your Business Health Plans

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Employee wellbeing is a matter of great concern today. With COVID-19, non-communicable diseases and mental health issues a common amongst the workforce, employers can lose valuable time and money to sick employees. That’s why business health plans exist. They help to avoid such issues and create a healthier and more productive workforce. 

How valuable are business health plans? If implemented the right way, they can lead to a 10% increase in productivity according to the Wall Street Journal. That may not seem like a huge number, but isn’t it better than 0%? As an employer, you have a lot to gain and little to lose, so you shouldn’t delay adopting business health plans. 

Getting one is the easy part, the real challenge is getting your employees to use the plan. It’s hard to get everyone in the office to adopt your employee wellness programs, no matter how great they are. We understand. That’s why we’ve written this blog. Hopefully one or a few of these six tips can help increase adoption of your business health plans.  

How to get Employees Involved in Your Business Health Plans 

How to build business health plans for your team

Conduct a health evaluation 

The first step to ensuring your business health plans are adopted is to understand what their purpose is. If you get a plan that’s not fit for your employees, no amount of emails, texts, calls or discussions will get them to use it. Conduct an evaluation first. 

The evaluation should take into account the workplace hazards your employees face, and their physical and mental health condition. Then you will know what employee healthcare benefits to offer, so that you balance your team’s needs with your finances.  

Get Employees’ Inputs on Your Business Health Plans 

Either during or after your health evaluation, sit down with all your employees to get their inputs. This is important for two reasons. First, it will allow you to identify what health concerns they face firsthand. That way you know the actual situation, without making any assumptions. 

Secondly, it will give your employees the confidence that they are cared for. Employees who feel like their concerns are being heard are more likely to stay at a company, and contribute meaningfully. It’s a simple way to win employee loyalty.  

Look for Comprehensive Plans 

Business health plans can be as simple as group health insurance, or offer a lot more. There are a lot of options in the market, so you need to carefully analyze all the options you have before you make a decision. If you talk to your employees, you will realize that everyone has different healthcare needs. 

That’s why you need a comprehensive plan with multiple benefits. Look for benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted medicine delivery, fitness tracking and more. That way, your team will have access to all the employee healthcare benefits they need. 

Go Digital 

Modern business health plans are digital-first. That means managing them is done digitally, and employees can access their benefits digitally. That should be high on your priority list when picking employee healthcare benefits. Going digital is not only more cost-effective, but also easier to use. 

Since almost everyone has a smartphone, providing digital business health plans is an easy way to ensure employees use their healthcare benefits. There’s no confusion or wondering who to contact, they are in control.  

Customise Your Plan 

Once you know the situation, try to find customizable business health plans. These plans are ideal for SMEs and startups, as it allows you to get the most value for money options. A custom plan will take into account all your employees and their needs, as well as your financial situation. 

Onsurity offers such employee healthcare plans. With Onsurity as your healthcare partner, you can ensure you get just what you need, at a price that works for you. That way, everyone is happy.  

Communicate Your Business Health Plans 

Communicating about the business health plans you have isn’t easy. Just sending a mail or message won’t do. It is very likely employees will forget about their healthcare benefits unless they really need them. What you need is constant communication, and someway to ensure that they can easily access their plan. 

Look for companies that offer constant communication, giving your employees details, and frequent updates on their plans. It’s also a good idea to look for an app-based plan, since it allows employees to quickly and easily access their healthcare benefits.  

Building business health plans for your company, by your company is the best way to ensure all your employees are on board. That’s why you should consider getting affordable employee healthcare from Onsurity. Onsurity’s wellness membership plans tick all the above boxes, and much more making them one of the most economical and comprehensive plans in the market. 

Whether you have five employees or 50, you will find that Onsurity’s employee healthcare plans are apt for your business. With comprehensive digital benefits and customized solutions, there’s no better way to get your employees involved in your healthcare plans.  

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