Know your healthcare membership: What’s included and what is not!

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The importance of healthcare membership perhaps is most evident in the time of the pandemic. Not only does it give people the financial backup during these testing times, but it also helps to make sure that your hard-earned savings are not eaten out of. But before we get into what is covered under healthcare memberships it is important to know how to choose the best healthcare membership. So, it is essential to know what to expect from the best healthcare membership provider and what may not be necessary.

How To Choose Best Healthcare Membership?

Here are the features and benefits that should be considered before choosing an appropriate healthcare membership:

Health plan with easy claim process

Life is a lot easier when you have access to a product that is user-friendly and services that are accessible. For instance, Onsurity employee healthcare memberships come with the access to The Good Doctors Team. This team ensures that the claim process is not just easy but convenient for the end-user with access to even cashless claims.

Large Network of Hospitals Accepting the Healthcare Membership

It is also necessary that the healthcare plan offers cashless claims at hospitals that are not just close to you but also well-known and provide multi-speciality services if needed. Hospital chains such as Manipal Hospitals should be accessible for cashless claims.

Pre/post hospitalization Benefits

Before hospitalization, you visit the doctor, get medicines, and undergo tests. You are hospitalized and after treatment, some expenses occur—the expenses include follow up with the doctor, medicines to be taken and many others. Choose an insurance plan which covers these aspects too.

Monthly Renewability

Look for health plans which offer monthly renewability like Onsurity employee healthcare plans do. Not only does it help in avoiding pouring out large sums of money at a time every year but helps save too for other emergencies and necessities.

No coverage for Out-patient Department Services

This is one of those features that burdens you having to pay a higher healthcare plan fee than otherwise for something that can be covered with regular costs. It not only feeds on the yearly or monthly fee but creates an unnecessary channel of execution.

Discounts and offers on Medical Expenses

Instead of OPD costs being covered, wouldn’t it be delightful to get discounts on medicines and health check-ups? Wouldn’t be a utopia to get access to doctor consultation at less than Rs. 100 whenever, wherever you need it? It is actually a reality with Onsurity healthcare memberships which offer all this along with the regular benefits.

healthcare membership

About Onsurity Employee Healthcare Memberships

As an employer, you can consider having a comprehensive employee healthcare plan from Onsurity with multiple benefits instead of just group health insurance.

Onsurity focuses on giving companies (SMEs, small businesses, startups, etc.) comprehensive healthcare instead of specialized health protection. These provide long term healthcare solutions to members, including group health insurance which covers hospitalization expenses as well as provides home healthcare treatments for COVID-19.

Our membership plan also offers other benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted medicines, access to fitness sessions and webinars. This ensures that the complete healthcare of a member happens at a single platform.

If you are a team member and looking for affordable healthcare benefits, refer us to your company HR or if you are already an Employer/HR, you can subscribe to our plan today, click on the button below to check out our membership plans for your employee’s healthcare.

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