9 Common myths about exercise and weight loss

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We’re all surrounded with some false thoughts and opinions of others we might not agree with. However, this is okay until it turns into a strong myth especially when it is related to science which has all the evidences to bust these false beliefs and prove its facts.

This happens often, when it comes to the concept of health and fitness. Not all of us are doctors, nutritionists or fitness coaches. So, we’re extremely new to the science of fitness.

Sometimes, we get under the influence of what others tell us regarding the same. There are a lot of common myths, we shall talk about in this article that most of have in our mind.

Busting these myths will not just help you get aware before starting with your fitness journey but also, when you are already making enough efforts to stay fit but not getting the right results just because you have been believing in such beliefs. It’s time to start following the right approaches towards fitness with these facts.

Here are some of the very common myths about exercise and weight loss you need to educate yourself about to start with your fitness journey better.

Common myths about exercise and weight loss

Common myths about exercise and weight loss

Strength training makes women bulky

This statement is still probably believed by most of the people in the world especially in the Indian societies. People feel surprised to see a woman lifting heavier weights at the gym and they often have these stereotypes for females that they can’t lift weights because they will end up looking like a man or lose their feminine looks.

Women often have this fear in their mind of getting bulky as well due to strength training. However, this not true. 

Strength training can never make a woman get extra bigger or bulkier because women naturally do not produce the same level of testosterone as men.

Testosterone is a hormone which helps create muscle hypertrophy – i.e growth – so it means that women need to try much harder than men to bulk up extra like them by getting injecting some anabolic apart from just strength training alone.

Strength training actually helps women lose fat fast, get toned and stronger. Read more about the benefits of strength training for women.

You can spot reduce fat

This is one of the most common myths about weight loss. Whenever we think of starting with our fitness journey, we already notice our particular parts which are out of shape and decide to specifically work on them for instance – losing only thigh fat/belly fat/arm fat. We build a desire to lose fat from that particular area.

Scientifically, it is not possible. The only solution is to stay in a calorie deficit work on overall body workout split instead of focusing on one area. Do not perform only sit ups/crunches if you want to lose belly fat.

Follow a whole and planned workout routine covering all the parts as per your weekly schedule for the muscle groups to work on. With patience, you will get the desired results in no time. But, never follow shortcuts to lose fat.

The more you train, the better

This statement is somewhat true and not true at the same time. It depends on how you actually train. If you are trying to challenge yourself by progressing in your workouts and making it to the next level to get stronger, it is true. Exercising will give you better results when you are making it more intense, any day.

However, if it turns into overtraining in different ways like – if you are strength training everyday, without ensuring enough rest to the muscles for at least a day in a week, then it will give you no results, also get you prone to injuries often. Recovery is as important as working out, they should be balanced and go hand in hand.

So, set your plan smartly and give your journey enough time.

If you like staying active, you can do some light cardio like running, cycling, swimming, walking or hit a yoga session on your rest days for active recovery.

Working out on an empty stomach is more effective

Some people believe that exercising is only effective with an empty stomach but the fact is when you are working out on an empty stomach, your body starts burning muscle tissue.

As a result, you may end up losing some muscle mass which is not a sign of good health. You will also notice a considerable decrease in your exercise intensity and suffer from dizziness, headaches.

So, it is important to have a pre workout meal at least 45-60 minutes before exercising. If you do not like a heavy pre workout meal like oats or sandwich, simply eat a banana.

Sweating burns fat faster

If this statement was true, then no gyms would have ACs or fans. If only sweating could help you burn fat, then all of us would be slim in the summer season or under the sunlight. This is not the case with fitness.

there is no relationship between how much you sweat and how much fat you burn.  Some people naturally sweat less than others when training, but this is not always an indication of how hard they were training.

Sweating only regulates your body temperature. So, never turn off your fans/ACs to get extra sweat. It will just make you feel more dizzy while working out and suffocated.

Exercising during pregnancy is bad for health

People often believe that exercising during pregnancy is not good for the mother and her baby. But, the truth is it is perfectly safe to continue working out until your delivery day. Exercising during pregnancy actually has a lot of benefits to offer.

However, there are certain guidelines while exercising during pregnancy which your doctor can advice you the best so, make sure to follow that. Read more about getting ideas on working out during pregnancy.

More cardio helps lose weight

Does cardio help burn fat? Yes, it does. But, doing only cardio will make you burn only a few calories, which will not give you the complete results

Because when you are doing cardio, you are only burning calories while performing it. But, with strength training, you are even burning extra calories at rest too.

Strength training builds lean muscle mass, which both increases your metabolism and decreases fat, So the more muscle you build, the more calories you burn on a day-to-day basis.

So, It is necessary to have a combination of “some cardio” with “lots of strength training” to lose fat, build muscle and get toned.

But do not neglect cardio at all, it is amazing for your heart health and stamina. Make sure to include some cardio, mostly post strength session in your regime.

Morning workout is always better

It is one of the misconceptions about weights loss – that you can only burn fat when you workout in the morning. It is not true. What’s true is – the best time to workout is the time when you’re working out regardless of morning/noon/evening or even late night – if it suits your lifestyle.

The time to exercise always depends on a person’s schedule rather than a particular time to workout. Our routines are different, we’re all not the same.

Some of us are occupied with early morning shifts or some of us work late nights. So, after setting the time to work, eat, sleep – you should decide your time to exercise at least for an hour according to your schedule which you can sustain for life.

Working out during periods is not safe

Another myth for women in the world of fitness that exercising during periods is not safe. The truth is, women can workout with the same intensity as normal days during periods too. It can even help them get rid of unwanted cramps, get strong, overcome PMS symptoms, boost their mood and release endorphins – happy hormones. 

So, go ahead ladies! Hit your workout session in your periods, it will give you some wonderful benefits.

If your body doesn’t allow you much to move a lot during cramps and pain in the periods, try to just go for a brisk walk or light stretching. It will definitely make you feel a lot better rather than taking a complete rest day. 

The Bottom Line 

So these were some of the very common myths about exercise and weight loss you need to bust today for better results and enjoy your fitness journey. There are a lot more myths in the world of fitness we shall talk about in our upcoming articles. 

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