Role of Concierge Services in Healthcare 

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Do you believe in providing healthcare and medical benefits to your employees? Kudos to you! But did you know with the rising premiums for employers and employees for the same healthcare services, everyone is still ill-equipped to navigate the complex models and the fragmented healthcare systems by themselves?  

This has affected the real outcomes for why employers choose to offer and employees choose to pick jobs that offer healthcare and medical benefits. This causes poor utilisation and waste of money spent on these benefits. So, does this problem have a solution? Indeed, it does! An innovative solution to this rampant problem is concierge services in healthcare. 

How do Concierge services work? 

Concierge services in the healthcare landscape can mean many different things. As per one definition, healthcare concierge services includes a fee-based model wherein the customer purchases an a-la-carte bouquet of services that they need directly from the service providers and pays a premium for the same. 

Another definition of healthcare concierge services is availing of personalised, one-on-one assistance from the service provider, who helps the customer navigate the healthcare system, and is available for all their healthcare needs 24×7. By choosing this model for your company and employees, you are ensuring your employees get the most out of the health and medical benefits they are offered in their pay packages. 

If employers like yourself see a bigger goal, of ensuring your employees are living their healthiest lives, offering concierge services along with the medical and health benefits is a win-win for both you and them.  

But, what makes concierge services in healthcare attractive and successful models today? Let’s find out! 

  • Personalisation 

Compared to the group medical benefits and insurance plans that most employers offer, concierge services are more personalised and custom-made for each employee. It has been observed that in many MNCs where the average age of the employees is 45+, the group premiums are consistently high. But, why should a young 25-30-year-old pay such high premiums?  

To make it attractive for all your employees, it is best to offer personalised and customised medical benefits with healthcare concierge services. 

  • More Responsive 

Even after enrolling for group medical and health benefits, these services are not fully utilised because most people are unable to navigate through the processes to claim the services. Due to this, most employees avoid healthcare completely, including preventive measures.  

Concierge services are the aptest solution to this problem as every employer is designated with one representative who looks after all needs and requests from the employees. These representatives are more responsive who thereby, motivate the employers too. 

  • Digitised system 

While concierge services in healthcare are the need of the hour, so is a digitised system that helps manage the entire system for a particular employer. Digitising the entire process helps the insurance company, the employer and the employees acquire, store and access records and data as per their need. This makes the system more robust and efficient.  

With concierge services, having a one-point-contact per employer who looks after the healthcare and medical needs of the group is extremely helpful. 

Benefits of Concierge Services to You and Your Employees 

Now that we know what and how concierge services can be implemented, here are some benefits of these services to your and your employees: 

concierge services

How Do Concierge Services Help You, The Employer? 

  • Concierge services work as though they are a part of your team, offering constant support to your employees at all times 
  • The representative manages all the admin work involved with claims, etc., thereby lifting the admin work off your table 
  • You will receive a full report about the claims, average cost per claim of employees, etc., and this will give you an idea of what is working and what isn’t 
  • The concierge service is custom-made and bespoke for your company culture  
  • Help you reduce costs towards health insurance and medical benefits 

How Do Concierge Services Help Your Employees? 

  • Employees receive empathy and expertise from the concierge service representative 
  • When it comes to availing of treatment, there will be minimum form filling required on the part of your employees as the concierge will already have added the necessary details 
  • Concierges usually offer good counselling, putting your employees at ease 
  • There is a 24×7 helpline open for your employees to speak with the concierge 
  • Concierge services help your employees seek second opinions and guide how to navigate the health system when it comes to availing treatments 


Concierge services in healthcare are like an extension of your HR team. They help your employees along every step, thereby reducing the pressure off them as well as you when it comes to claims. If you are contemplating whether you must choose concierge healthcare services for your employees, go for it!  

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