Corporate Wellness Programs Trends HR Should Know in 2022

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Many individuals and organizations are now facing health and wellness concerns – a concern that is spread across the globe. In order to counter the concerns, businesses have started using health and wellness initiatives to boost productivity and raise awareness about the needs of a healthy staff. These programs are employed to manage stress and strike a good balance between work and life. 

However, knowing which program to follow is difficult. This is where the need of knowing the upcoming corporate wellness trends come into the picture.

It is important to know the in-trend effective, scalable, flexible, and comprehensive programs that are getting adapted strategically to meet the objectives of a corporation. The end goal of all these trends are:

A. To include business policies, management messages, and the working environment in an improved health mission.
B. To lower the health care expenses and make these programs in the startup industry even more attractive.
C. To not just improve the work culture but also lower the rates of turnover.

These are among the key reasons that workplace wellness programs are critical. Indeed in 2022, there are six major trends for implementing a corporate wellness program in the workplace.

Corporate wellness program trends that every HR should look out for

corporate wellness trends

Encouraging workplace technology 

Technology has become an integral part of everyday life, and it is becoming much more so in the business world. Almost every company, considering their wellness programs, has brought about major technological developments to improve employee healthcare. As technology is needed to keep everyone together, organizations must be ready to meet the increasing demands for technology at work. 

The use of video-conferencing, for example, can keep employers connected with company workers and be an easy way to link them to remote customers. It would help to maintain the highest possible level of involvement. Additionally, using wearables for exercise and safety will make wellness program initiatives highly beneficial in return. 

Enhance the patterns of healthy sleep 

A healthy adult needs around 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day, yet around 30 percent of the youth only sleep for 6 or lesser hours. Companies now realize that this sleep deprivation affects the well-being and performance of their employees. Its long-term impacts include aggravation of current health issues like diabetes, depression, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, and anxiety. On the worksite, sleep deprivation has effects in the short term: 

  • A higher risk of work injury 
  • Lower productivity 
  • Negative impact on retention of memory, mood, and decisions 

Corporate wellness program initiatives, which promote improved sleep practices, can offset all these impacts. 

Keeping a healthy working environment 

One of the best corporate wellness trends in 2022 is creating a healthy office atmosphere. Many businesses understand that a positive workplace may contribute to healthier decisions and actions. It leads to improved health overall results. Keeping a healthy place of work nonetheless demands being imaginative and careful. Simple strategies to ensure a healthier workplace include: 

  • Incorporate healthy movement in the workplace with walking. 
  • Remove fast food options at the workplace and meetings with the employees or vacation events. 
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the staircases and placing motivating signs in the corridors to encourage the use of stairs rather than the elevator. 
  • Keep healthy air quality in the office. 
  • Create an ergonomic, flow-free working room with pleasant and adjustable seats.
  • Membership of the gym or session of a wellness program can be taken up as a group health initiative. 

Education for stress management 

Stress may have both physical and mental side effects. The staff confronts a lot of stress at work. Thus stress management in corporate wellness programming is becoming increasingly prominent. Wellness programs now incorporate training to help staff find out how to handle stressful circumstances effectively and overcoming obstacles at work. This benefits not just people but companies too, as education contributes to reducing the number of work claims connected to stress. 

Concentrate on overall goodness 

For most firms, it is the prevention and improvement of health problems that are at the heart of saving healthcare expenditures. However, to do this, the relationship between the mind and body and the importance of physical, mental, and emotional wellness must be understood. Focusing on overall welfare helps to boost health outcomes for employees and hence reduce health care expenses. 

Companies with corporate wellness programs thrive on the enhancement of well-being and treatment or prevention of health problems by taking a global perspective to the mind-body relationship into consideration. This is where Onsurity comes in. Onsurity offers a host of benefits that are in line with the corporate wellness trends of not just today but also the time to come. The membership plans are designed to be extremely affordable and answer to both the physical and mental wellness needs of the employees.

Create an environment for flexible work 

Today’s staff flourish in a flexible working environment. Workplace flexibility is one of the finest ways of improving well-being for employees since work-life balance is now increasingly emphasized. The usage of unrestricted PTO (paid time off), variable work schedules, and telework can be integrated into corporate health programs. Variable work schedules have demonstrated a reduction in turnover and idleness and an increase in productivity and employment satisfaction.

These are the workplace wellness trends to be watched for this year when it comes to employee welfare. And, while both last year’s and this year’s events influence these tendencies, they are here to stay. They show how mental, physical, financial, and family well-being are interconnected and how crucial a holistic approach to employee well-being is. 

If you want to up your game and become a name in the corporate wellness programs trends, reach out to us at and we will get you there.

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