Proven Diet and Fitness Tips for Post-Lockdown

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Onsurity conducted a webinar where Deepak Krishnan, a nutritionist and fitness expert shared with us his diet and fitness tips and insights on how you can maintain diet and fitness post-lockdown.

During the lockdown, a lot of us have been sitting at home, working constantly from our couches, chairs, or worse, our beds. To add to this sedentary lifestyle, some of us have nearly given up our diet and healthy eating habits that might have formed over the last few years. In between work hours or when you’re relaxing, you might have found yourself stocking junk food. With more junk food, binge-eating increases and eventually develops into a habit that you cannot let go of. And with more binge-eating, fitness routines and sleep patterns are also negatively affected. So, what are you planning to do about your diet and fitness post lockdown?

Diet and Fitness Tips

Recently, Onsurity conducted a webinar. This was held by nutritionist and fitness expert Deepak Krishnan, Founder of Transform. He shared his insights on developing and maintaining a great diet and fitness during and post-lockdown. Here’s a peek into the topics covered in the webinar:  

The importance of Whole, Natural Foods 

A lot of our food habits are influenced by our own attitude and surroundings. There has been a drastic increase in bad eating habits. Due to the lockdown, the stress levels have increased and people have been struggling to cope with changes. In such times, eating whole, natural foods is the best way to start with good dietary habits. Natural foods are those that come straight from nature. They are not processed in any form and they usually provide all the ingredients needed for a balanced diet during covid-19.  

Invest in yourself and be patient 

The human body is a slow-acting system and any new routine changes take time to show. Start by investing time and thought in your body. Try to understand what your body needs and invest in yourself with good food, regular fitness and emotional wellness. Being patient goes a long way. As extreme and sudden dietary changes cause more harm than good to your body. If you need help with developing a new dietary or fitness plan, several online sources these days can help with the same. They can also customize your plans to suit your body’s needs making a good investment for you. 

Finding a purpose and being consistent

Forming a new fitness routine or developing a new eating habit can be challenging. Setting a purpose beforehand and working towards it consistently can work wonders when you appreciate the activity and the effort you are putting in. This will also give you the boost to get up every day and take on the task with new fervour. 

No quick fix to a healthy life  

The talk that a habit can be built in 20-30 days is largely a myth as it varies from person to person. New habits outside of your normal routine take time to develop and the key ingredient here is consistency. This is one reason why many nutritionists and wellness professionals advise against developing a diet around health supplements. Quick fixes may show signs of immediate effects, but they are rarely permanent. They do not guarantee an overall healthy mind and body. Furthermore, trying too many changes at the same time can also be harmful. As you’ll end up failing at some of them. Instead of trying to develop multiple new habits– try developing one new habit at a time. And gradually add in a new routine. 

The path to a healthy body and mind may not seem quick and easy. But it has its benefits in the long run. As advised by Deepak, the basic principles of wellness revolve around good quality natural foods, regular physical activity, mental and emotional well-being and a healthy amount of sleep. In a time when our minds are caught up with work crises, the pandemic, recession etc, it becomes all the more important to pay attention to our body. So that we emerge from this situation, stronger than before.  

Deepak Krishnan is an ISSA certified Nutrition Specialist and Fitness Trainer and Founder of Transform. With the mission of helping people thrive every day through wellness rituals, Deepak is working towards building, not just a community that thrives but also providing this community with technology-based solutions to make wellness effortless & delightful for everyday life.

So, follow these tips shared by the expert and work towards building your diet and fitness post lockdown. If you have any more such great tips you can share them with us in the comment section.

We at Onsurity are driven towards ensuring our customers have the best of health at all times. With our comprehensive healthcare packages, we are taking digital healthcare to a new level, allowing customers to take care of their medical needs, at all times.

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