India’s Digital Healthcare Revolution is Being Powered by Startups

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Digital India, powered by the many start-ups all over the country is changing India’s digital healthcare sector as we know it. They have made digital healthcare more affordable and accessible. Backed by a digitally integrated app ecosystem, multiple ventures are specializing in providing speciality services. This not only fills the gaps but also provides new services that have never been in the market.  

Why Do We Need the Disruption? 

The current healthcare system is far from perfect. Existing solutions are unable to provide the qualitative and quantitative healthcare that the nation needs. There is also increasing demand, further adding complications to deliverability. Some of these critical challenges are- 

  • Changing needs of customers  
  • The rising cost of health and medical equipment 
  • Less effective distribution channels for healthcare services 
  • The rapid increase in demand for quality healthcare 

To plug these gaps, India’s tech-driven start-ups have come up with new and unique solutions. In an increasingly digital world, it is of paramount importance that healthcare providers leverage these technologically-driven solutions to provide quality digital healthcare across the nation. 

Achieving Accessibility in India’s Digital Health Solution

Digital-first start-ups have proven their ability to change the entire healthcare industry, from top to bottom. Along every step of the way, new technologically-driven solutions have made the industry lean, more accessible and responsive.  

India’s digital healthcare

Some areas where digital disruptions have taken place are: 

  • Pharmaceutical supply chain: Using big data and analytics, start-ups have been able to better streamline the supply chain, providing pharmaceuticals with real-time data that can help manufacturers react proactively to market forces. Companies like Pharmeasy, Mpharma, and Kool-ex are currently working on building a more robust supply chain and distribution centre.  
  • Virtual care delivery: As physical interactions have become a point of concern; several start-ups like Mini have turned to virtual care delivery. Online interactions with healthcare professionals are safe, faster, and more flexible, for both the patient and the doctor. Such digital healthcare services also eradicate the difference in quality and price between urban and rural India. 

Digital Healthcare Value Added Services 

Start-ups have also left their mark in other areas of the industry, especially when it comes to value-added services. Some disruptions in these areas include: 

  • Screening and diagnostics: Using big data and artificial intelligence (AI), start-ups like are able to provide more predictive health analysis. Such tools are also changing the way medical imaging and digital pathology function, providing more long-term predictions that can help doctors better understand a patient’s condition and recovery. 
  • Disease management and therapeutics:  Using AI, start-ups are also able to provide tools that allow patients to manage and track their health conditions. In the case of chronic disease management, tools from companies like DigiPrex are a revolutionary approach to digital healthcare and treatment. 
  • Clinical Intelligence Wellness tools: Companies like Healthplix and HealthifyMe are providing doctors with more in-depth information around not just physical health, but also mental and social health. This helps them make more informed clinical decisions, allowing them to deliver more personal and impactful healthcare. 
  •  Digitization of health insurance services: The complex world of health insurance has been made simple, effective, and accessible by companies like Onsurity. Now, customers can not only easily get a complete health benefits package with insurance benefits but have full transparency of the inclusions and exclusions. They are also able to more easily manage their health plan through a single application. 
digital health

Creating a Single Platform 

As we have seen, digital disruptions have revolutionized healthcare in India. Now, no matter who you are and where you live, you have access to the latest tools and technologies at an affordable cost. There is, however, a flip side to this digital healthcare system. Now, you need multiple applications and accounts to manage the various aspects of care – from insurance to ordering medication to get lab tests. That’s where Onsurity comes in. We offer a single application where you can do all this, and much more! 

Onsurity has partnered with ICICI Lombard, so your healthcare plan has insurance as well. We have also partnered with 1mg and Medlife so you can order medicines and lab tests straight to your home. Our app also rewards you for the steps you take. If you hit the 10,000 step goal daily, you can get discounts from our partners.  

It’s an exciting time for healthcare, which is why we here at Onsurity believe we can make a difference. We want to do our bit, by helping small and medium business organizations ensure they have the best healthcare coverage for their employees. After all, affordable healthcare should not be an afterthought.  

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