6 Benefits of Digitalization in the Insurance Industry

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  • postdateDecember 18, 2023
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The rise of the digital and paperless insurance does sound like a science-fiction movie. But it’s more like the ‘Star Wars: Episode IX – Rise of Skywalker’ than the ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ or ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’. Yes, the viral aspect and the AI aspect do exist in this conversation from the latter movies, but reality is a grounded in a little more positivity than those movies.

Rise of Skywalker is an optimistic story where technology is used to ultimately defeat the dark force. The insurance industry has no dark side and thrives more on ‘Live long and prosper’ greeting of the Vulcan’s from the Star Trek franchise. So, to understand the idea of the rise of digitization of insurance industry and paperless insurance benefits, we need to first take a closer look at what they mean.

Digitalization in the insurance industry

What is digitalization in the insurance industry? What is cashless and paperless insurance?

Starting from the minimalistic availability of insurance policy information available on the internet to the integration of AI for risk and customer profiling to create better product value is a part of the digitalization of the insurance industry. Paperless on the other hand is slightly the actual result of insurance digitalization. Due to all processes in insurance being adapted into the digital format, nothing remains on paper literally in all the processes involved in insurance. From the basic marketing of insurance products to the actual claim sanctions and transfers, everything today is occurring ‘on the wire’.

What makes digitization of insurance click?

To clearly understand why digitalization in the insurance industry is occurring and how is it beneficial for the sector as well as the end-user, we are going to look at the 6 aspects of digital insurance and paperless culture.


The agony of collecting and curating relevant documents for applying for claims and other processes in insurance is made to feel a lot smoother with digital copies of documentation and billing invoices being accepted for claim processes and requirement of minimalistic documents for application in any relevant process.

Customized customer experience

Brands such as Onsurity who provide healthcare memberships with employee health benefits have noticed that it is easier to seep, sow and understand the consumer’s requirements and hold it in data in the current times and create a better experience in the digitalization of insurance industry that helps to provide a bespoke approach depending on their customers through tech-enabled platform.

Also, today’s consumers are far more knowledgeable, and they want choices and recommendations according to their needs. Offering simplified and customized services and offerings for different types and variations of customers with user-friendly options helps to make the process far more seamless.

Data protection and privacy 

Remember the days there were piles of files being strewn around with customer information and details? Those days are long gone. Today, people can rely on their information being kept in a far more secure process than it was even 10 years ago when it comes to digital insurance.

AI Integration – Risk profiling, behavior patterns, customer service

Whether AI is used to help in the capture and presentation of warning signs that are used to take decisions in events based on trigger or the use of IoT devices gathering data from personalized insurance products such as fitness trackers to generate findings for real-time health data or helping in understanding customer preferences through that acquired data AI is here to stay. AI is also used on customer facing chatbots, which are not just resourceful means of managing customer experience but a far more efficient way too.

Convenience of mobile apps

Digitalization in the insurance industry is not just information access on mobile apps, but the status of claims and documentation can all be done on the go. People are already feeling the convenience of the paperless experience through the mobile apps available on their wireless devices.

Implementing of Data Analytics

All the data that is gathered from all the digitalization of the insurance industry gives the epic advantage of being able to find the source of problems, create possible solutions and implementing those solutions through data analytics.

Bonus Benefit

Digitalization in the insurance industry is simply more environment-friendly as it is helping to reduce cutting down of trees, toxic waste from the paper-making factories and the pollution created when traveling to the bank or the insurance provider’s office for help.

Speaking of paperless employee progressive insurance and digital health insurance, Onsurity’s employee healthcare and wellness plans include convenient group health insurance benefits and their whole membership is 100% paperless-digitally integrated and the customer service along with claim support team is state of the art. Do check their website for more details of employee welfare products and services.

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