Domiciliary cover in Health Insurance

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Domiciliary Hospitalization: A health insurance policy offers you peace of mind, giving you the required coverage in times of a medical emergency. While many health insurances may come across as a rigid, expensive product, in reality, it is flexible, offering you coverage for treatment from home as well. Getting coverage for treatment done from home is termed domiciliary hospitalisation cover in health insurance. Read on to know all about domiciliary cover in health insurance.

What is domiciliary hospitalization?

Domiciliary hospitalisation is a situation in which the insured individual is recommended to take treatment from home in case of unavailability of the hospital beds; it is also recommended in case the insured individual is in no state to be carried to the hospital. Hence, the medical expenses for treatment taken from home are covered under domiciliary hospitalisation. Hospital-like situations are created at home and the medical expenses towards the same are covered by the insurance company.

Coverage is offered only under selected policies and can be availed only when sanctioned by the doctor and in cases when the insured cannot be taken to the hospital.

Domiciliary treatment in health insurance Importance:

  • Offers peace of mind
  • Coverage offered is beyond hospitalisation
  • Coverage in case the person cannot be moved to any medical facility due to existing health condition
  • Coverage in case of unavailability of hospital beds
  • Coverage is offered only if the insured requires treatment for more than 3 days

Domiciliary Treatment in Health Insurance Exclusions

Domiciliary treatment cover does not provide coverage in case of the following:

  • Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses are not covered
  • Treatment that lasts for less than 72 hours
  • Treatment for medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, etc.

Domiciliary Treatment in Health Insurance Benefits

Modern-day healthcare memberships offer coverage for domiciliary hospitalisation as a key feature. Given below are few of the benefits of this feature.

  • Receive professional medical care at home
  • Offers convenience in case of a medical emergency
  • Timely medical care in case of unavailability of hospital beds
  • Reduces your financial burden even if you are taking treatment from home
  • The smooth claim settlement process

Domiciliary Treatment in Health Insurance Eligibility Criteria

To get coverage for domiciliary treatment, you must fulfil the below eligibility criteria.

  • Your health insurance policy must cover home healthcare
  • A letter of confirmation from the doctor is mandatory
  • The reason for receiving treatment from home must be approved by the doctor
  • The minimum duration of the treatment should not be less than 3 days

Things to know when choosing health insurance with domiciliary hospitalisation

  • Coverage is not offered by all health insurance companies; hence, it is best to check the policy documents
  • Coverage is not extended under the health plan by default, and you may have to pay an additional premium for the same
  • Coverage may differ from insurer to insurer
  • There are limitations on the number and type of treatments covered, hence, it is best to check the plan before proceeding with the purchase
  • The cost of domiciliary treatment may come with a capping
  • Only a few health insurance companies provide coverage for non-allopathic treatment under domiciliary cover

Key points to remember when choosing domiciliary cover in health insurance

  • To get a claim under domiciliary cover under health insurance, you must register a claim
  • Go through the policy terms and conditions to ensure you are eligible to receive coverage
  • Ensure that you are aware of all the policy inclusions and exclusions
  • Keep all the necessary documents handy at the time of filing the claim


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