Employee Benefits Package in Today’s Digital Age 

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Despite money and job satisfaction, employees seek some exciting perks as well. A good employee benefits package is the critical element in attracting and keeping the organization’s top capabilities. In a recent survey, it was found that 60% of employees prioritize perks to accept the job, while 80% of the employees prefer bonuses and perks rather than an increment in the salary. Billion-dollar organizations like Microsoft and Tesla provide exciting additional benefits like spas, gym sessions, etc., but everyone cannot afford them. There is a piece of good news for such companies, i.e., not all perks are costly. Many inexpensive benefits like OTT platforms subscription, flexible hours, vacation from the office, etc., can bring a smile to the employees’ faces. 

Here are some of the factors to redefine the employee benefits package in today’s digital age  

Employee Expectations

Employees have some fair expectations from the company, which are explained below: 

  • They must get access to the work resources so that they can perform their task efficiently and conveniently. 
  • Proper communication and application of plans inside the organization. 
  • Appreciation and recognition for the achievements in the work. 

But in return, when the employer expects loyalty from his employees and does not satisfy the employer’s expectations, it will be considered discriminatory and uneven. So, we can call it a give and take policy. 

Group Health Benefits

Under Employee Benefit Plan, the Group Health Benefit Plan is a kind of insurance policy that offers group health insurance to employees or members of an organization. This Group Health Plan includes accidental injury, insurance for covid-19, other hospital aids, etc. 

This is the best method to save the employees and their family members, despite the rise in medical expenses. When the employer provides this Group Health Plan to their employees, both the parties, i.e., the employer and their employees, benefit.  

Benefits of Digital Technology in the Workplace for Employees

Digital technology has become an essential part of the workplace for employees in many organizations. People have become more dependent on digital technology nowadays. Now, let’s see why it is so beneficial for a company. The benefits of Digital Technology in the workplace for employees are listed below 

Employee Benefits Package

  • Increases Organization’s Flexibility: Employees increase flexibility in their work schedule and work environment due to effective digital technology in their workplace. Employees can get connections from anywhere in this world using intranet software and other digital tools. This helps the employees achieve a work-life balance that is more coordinated with their personal lives. 
  • Enhances Communication: A solid digital technology allows proper communication and exchange of ideas in the workplace. Most intranet software is designed so that the employees and the employers can communicate thoroughly. It also ensures that everyone can share their opinions or ideas. 
  • Improves Productivity and Efficiency: In today’s generation, it has become relatively easier to cope with real-time, i.e., people can complete their work in a lesser amount of time. Digital technology allows employees to complete additional work in a lesser amount of time. 

In a recent survey, it is found that 77% of workers exhibit higher productivity levels due to digital technology in their workplace. 

Besides, if the employers provide user-friendly gadgets, the employees can solve troubleshooting problems independently, which gives relief to the IT experts and technical support team, leaving them free to concentrate on more crucial work. 

Importance Of Digital Technology In Office Work

  • Reduces Operational Cost: Virtual meetings and chat boards reduce the travel expense and overhead costs like office electricity, furniture, maintenance costs, etc. Therefore, digital technology reduces the operational cost of an organization. 
  • Increases Organization’s Revenue: When digital technology is helping an organization to reduce operational costs and increase productivity, it ultimately leads to an increase in revenue. In a recent survey, it was found that there is an increase in revenue- up to 44% due to digital technology in the workplace. 

Benefits Of A Digital Workplace 

  • Strengthens Talent Recruitment and Retention: Top employees have have created a work atmosphere that is both progressive and modern, impressing their employers. Due to these expectations, employers will hire excessively skilled, creative candidates. It is found that organizations have experienced a lower turnover rate due to the digital workplace. 
  • Improves Customer Experience: Employees that maintain their work-life balance well, whose opinions are adequately communicated, and who have worked efficiently using digital technology will help the brand get stronger ultimately leading to satisfied customers. 


In the gen z generation, the top priority of every employer is to make work convenient for them even more than a higher pay scale. Therefore, a modern digital workplace is paramount to any organization. Moreover, employees love receiving attractive benefits and appreciation for their work. 

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