Does Employee Health and Wellbeing Affect Workplace Performance? 

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Employee health and wellbeing is the foundation on which every business is built. Companies that have a healthy workplace and workers report higher employee retention and more productive workers than those who do not prioritize their workers’ health. 

A few ways in which your worker’s health is bound to affect their work performance are:

  • Poor health among workers will lead to more absenteeism and less productivity.  
  • An unsafe working environment may cause frequent occupational hazards and injuries to the workers leading to less work being done. 
  • Constant stress and burnout among employees also leads to less engagement and affects employee morale. 

Employees are the backbone of any company. If they are sick or have low interest and morale in the company, the business will fall apart. The only way to make sure employees perform well and remain healthy is by creating a healthy workplace that promotes complete employee wellness.

Ways through which startups and SMEs can build a productive and safe workplace to ensure employee health and wellbeing are as follows: 

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Encourage your employees to focus on their physical health 

Employees who move around more in the office space are more likely to work better. If there isn’t space in the office premises for the workers to move about or have a dedicated fitness centre, consider offering them memberships to local gyms. Even discounted rates at the gyms may propel them to join it and become more active because here is how an unfit lifestyle can affect employee productivity as per the data:

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Many companies also host regular workplace challenges, walking clubs, or sports day to ensure that their workers stay fit and stick to their commitments.  

Exercise may provide a healthy break to the employees from their desks, but they can benefit from a healthy, nutritious diet too. Since most of the employees spend their waking hours in the workplace, encouraging them to eat healthy food in the office may promote workplace wellness. 

Provide mental health support for employees  

Employers generally target the physical wellness of the employees. However, companies should also provide equal support to improve their mental health. Mentally healthy employees are calm, more resilient and better equipped to deal with workplace stress. 

Assist your teams by signing up for corporate wellness programs that promote meditation and mindfulness in the workplace. Provide them access to counsellors, therapists, or online support whenever required. You can also partner with different online platforms to get detailed information and printable resources on mental welfare to create a healthy work environment.  

Develop a safe workplace 

A work environment that is safe and free from accidents attracts more employees. They feel safe in such an environment and are more satisfied and productive in the workplace. 

You can ensure your employees’ well-being and better workplace performance by identifying workplace hazards and implementing safety programs. Providing proper training to employees to operate machinery and equipment may also help reduce occupational hazards. 

A healthy work environment promotes the wellness of employees and employers alike. Healthier employees are, in general, more efficient and productive. A safe and healthy workplace can go a long way in ensuring better workplace performance by employees. 

Create a holistic employee healthcare plan 

Providing gym memberships and nutritious food are great ways to keep employees fit, but they are all only ‘plaster solutions’. In today’s environment, you require a more robust plan to ensure overall employee health and wellbeing.  

Upgrade to a healthcare plan that treats the physical and mental health of the employees and provides multiple health benefits to all the employees. This way, the employees will focus on being more productive in the workplace than worrying about medical expenses. 

It may be difficult for a startup or SME to find or curate a healthcare plan that suits your needs. However, we have created a healthcare plan that provides physical and mental health support to the employees.  

Onsurity’s curated healthcare plans offer added benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted health checkups and medicines, fitness webinars and other wellness benefits along with group health insurance to improve work efficiency and effectiveness and increase productivity in the workplace.  

Our healthcare plans promote your workers’ overall health and wellbeing in the workplace to ensure that they achieve all your business goals and keep improving their performance. To know more about our employee wellness programs, check out our website to get an instant quote or contact us at 

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