10 Surefire Ways to Boost Employee Health and Wellbeing in 2021

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Employee Health and Wellbeing is one of the most important factors to take care of in any company. Being the owner of your own establishment is a daunting yet rewarding task. Amidst numerous priorities, the topic of employee health care is often overlooked. Although statistics suggest that as high as 78% of employees are likely to retain their jobs due to the benefits offered, employers often overlook the health and wellness of their employees and focus on salary alone. 

Employee health and wellbeing

The need for health-related discussion among employees originates from the idea that a healthy employee is happier and more productive. It is important for you, as an employer, to talk about the holistic health and wellness of your employees because it eventually keeps the cost of care at a minimum level.

A company’s biggest assets are its employees. So, investing in employee health and wellbeing in the workplace will ultimately cement your company’s growth and long-term evolution.  

According to Willis’s survey report, approximately 93% of the employers consider that healthy employees mean more efficiency and productivity. Though employee wellness during pandemic might be a little challenging but promoting employee well-being is even more important. Here are some best ways to ensure wellness in the workplace. 

Here are 10 Surefire Ways to Boost Employee Health and Wellbeing in 2021

Employee health and wellbeing

Fitness Training Sessions for Employees & Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Arrange healthcare professionals to provide training sessions on holistic employee healthcare and wellness. A session that educates an employee about a proper diet, exercise regime, and lifestyle changes can take the load off of you. 

Offering both physical and psychological health advantages, flash walks urge all employees to get up and walk once an hour, which motivates them with actual movement, reducing the measure of time spent sitting down. 

Also, most employee sicknesses to which individuals are subject (diabetes, coronary illness, and so on) are diet-related. Providing your employees with diet training can help them understand what the food and drinks they consume mean for their bodies. It is also beneficial for employee well-being during COVID-19. 

Provide a Comfortable Work Environment/Culture

A healthy and comfortable work environment for employees ensures their wellbeing. It has now become essential to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. The more comfortable your employees are, the more positive the workplace environment will be. 

A great workplace environment directly affects the productivity and efficiency level of the organization.

Employee Assistance Program drives in the Organization

There are a lot of benefits of having employee wellness programs. Every organization needs to hold sessions to understand why employee health is important. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees with the necessary counselling related to personal or workplace problems. This includes reducing unnecessary distractions or stress and assuring mental and physical fitness. Such workplace wellbeing programs could be very helpful. 

Educate Employees about Health Plans

Educating employees about their existing health plans and the correct way to avail them can bring a substantial change. Often employees tend to wrongly assume that, by not attending a regular check-up with their doctors, they are saving the health plan for more extreme emergencies.

Your employees might not realize that, by saving this negligible amount, they are putting themselves at higher risk. Thus, a transparent policy and learning session can help your employees use their health plans better. 

Motivate Employees to achieve individual as well as Business Goals

Helping employees achieve their individual goals and business goals is key to encouraging their mental wellbeing in the workplace. Individual needs are the essential elements of Maslow’s theory of needs, which indirectly promote satisfaction and the opportunity to grow together with the organization. 

Keep the Communication Unique & Encouraging with Employees

A unique communication plan around your employee health can help drive home the point better and promote better employee health and wellbeing. 

Being short and concise in communication with your employees is the best way to keep your point across. A reward system for those employees who maintain good health and hygiene practices may motivate others to do the same.

Rewarding employees for their good performance will boost their confidence and make them feel valued in the workplace. Employee health and wellbeing does not necessarily mean heavy investments. Even appreciation and recognition in the workplace have a positive psychological influence on employees.  

You can appreciate your employee’s work in many ways. For example: offering monetary rewards based on their monthly or quarterly performance. To ensure employee wellbeing, you can also get them insured. All these give them a feeling of belongingness and being valued, which improves their work efficiency. This will also help build better relationships in workforce.

Personalizing the Benefit Plan 

Your employees, like everyone else, might be facing a varied range of personal scenarios that do not necessarily work well to their advantage. Take, for example, a new parent; be it female or male, who might find it extremely difficult to navigate through work and parenthood simultaneously. A benefit plan that caters to their needs as well as makes them more productive would benefit not only the employee but the organization as well. 

Understanding Mental Health & Promoting Mindfulness

Overlooking the mental health of your employees can cost you in the long run. With an increasing rate of mental health issues like anxiety and depression among the youth today, it is of utmost importance to detect and mitigate mental health issues. When such issues are not covered, they go unnoticed in your company’s cost, not to mention the hidden and often measured cost incurred due to unproductivity. Introducing the concept of mindfulness is the key. 

Mindfulness is simply a type of meditation that urges one to focus on the present moment of life. Meditation assures mental stability and contributes to physical fitness, improving employee health and wellbeing at work. 

Maintaining and understanding the importance of work-life balance

Research suggests that a human, on average, works for 40 hours per week in the workplace. This heavy workload can result in stress. Therefore, organizations should always encourage a balance between work and life, promoting employee health and wellbeing in the workplace.  

Planning a meeting outside the office or planning a social event where employees can interact with each other and form a bond are some ways to promote work-life balance.  

Diverse Employee Healthcare Plans

Involving your employees in health and wellness related decision making would definitely help feel them involved and valued. An honest conversation with your employees regarding any health and wellness plan can also help you identify loopholes, bring out better solutions to your issues, reduce health issues, reduce accidental illness, and bring forth efficiency. Further, discussing employee health can create a safer work environment.

The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the best employee wellbeing initiatives. Now that you know this, the next step is to put employee healthcare first. Here’s a guide we wrote on getting your employees involved in your business health plansFollow that, and you should be able to easily put employee healthcare first. No matter how big or small your company, affordable employee healthcare benefits are the key to healthy and happy employees. Now, thanks to Onsurity, even MSMEs and startups can do so! 

Onsurity’s Healthcare Plan for Employee Health and Wellbeing

Onsurity’s employee healthcare plans are economical and flexible, making them the perfect choice for all businesses. With Onsurity, you can offer healthcare benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted health check-ups and medicine delivery, fitness tracking and more. Our membership plans are designed to put employee healthcare first, so that you can achieve the best results possible.

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