Top 10 Benefits of Bringing Employee Healthcare on Mobile 

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The concept of bringing employee healthcare on mobile is one of the most efficient steps towards a “Digital India”. Providing an employee healthcare plan is usually the simplest but most effective step you can take to cultivate and attract talent. Health benefits can also provide many benefits, such as: Increase productivity, increase employee morale and build a positive company work culture. 


A new survey shows that employees expect their employers to deploy digital health applications to help them maximize their health and wellness benefits. At the same time, under the proposed rules, employers will be required to provide cost transparency tools to members of the health plan, although these issues have not yet been resolved.  

From insurance coverage to subsidized sports or nutrition plans, the wider the scope of health and wellness resources provided by employers, the easier it is for workers to feel supported and energetic, and the less likely they are to withdraw.  

The invention of smartphones has led to the emergence of independent communication methods between smartphones and people with applications. This certainly does not limit itself in face-to-face communication; it is also reflected in the safety and emergency functions of many sectors. 

In the health department, there are many practical applications for using the mobile appin healthcare, all of which aim to provide patients with the best quality of care.

Employee Healthcare on Mobile

What are the benefits of bringing Employee Healthcare on Mobile?

Health professionals have begun to use computers to handle patients systematically and care for their health. However, many people are skeptical about mobile based healthcare system. But since we all are using our smartphones from making online payments to shopping, so why not accept digital healthcare trends of bringing employee healthcare on mobile?  

This could be due to their dislike for change in scenario or because we don’t know. Convincing benefits of mobile health apps/digital healthcare bring employee care to successful outcomes in multiple levels: 

Management without a middle person: One of the major benefits of bringing employee healthcare on mobile is that mobile devices can also be used to remotely contact patients in real-time and obtain information about the patient’s current location and treatment so that doctors can better understand the patient. 

There could be countless benefits of healthcare apps to provide digital healthcare solutions. However, we have mentioned the top 10 benefits of having employee healthcare on mobile 

Improved Accuracy

Digital documents minimize errors caused by handwritten notes and no more doctor’s hand-writing problems.  

Enhanced Physician Efficiency

Doctors can use these mobile devices to effectively record patient data with minimal effort, which can make their work easier. In addition, mobile devices can provide accurate and up-to-date information about medications. 


Digital healthcare platform will help doctors find problems faster and quickly provide patients with accurate prescriptions. In the past, this task was difficult and tedious, but by using mobile devices, clinicians can now do their jobs better.  

Continuous Info Flow

To improve communications with health professionals and their patients, they must access data streams without obstructing data flow or restricting its movement. The mobile healthcare services provide a better way for medical institutions to disseminate information. 

Live-contactless Communication

The pandemic has highlighted enough the importance of contactless communication. Healthcare professionals can now talk to their patients and give them an update of prescription at any point in time, regardless of the physical presence of a doctor.  

Physicians can now use smartphone cameras to remotely view patients and give them on-the-spot recommendations that can help patients recover. This is a significant advantage of mobile medical equipment. Experts around the globe can discuss, share important data and make the best choice for their patients by consulting each other. 

Improved Communication

Doctors can give prescriptions and instructions directly through the app, which helps eliminate misunderstandings. The doctor can also monitor whether an employee has purchased the correct medicine. This reduces misunderstandings and ultimately helps doctors and patients. 

Accurate Care

Mobile devices help doctors and nurses by accurately recording patients and their prescriptions. Digital documents minimize the errors that may be caused by handwritten notes. The app can run automatic comments as directed, which greatly helps healthcare providers and provides quick and exact information to patients. 


Recent advancements made data obtainable with just one click, which in turn increases convenience. In addition, clinicians can also use mobile devices to conduct new and extensive technologies with voice and video call options in the applications, enabling the employee patients not to take the whole day off to see a doctor. If needed, they can better spend the time and rest with the medications to be at better health the next day.  

Cost reduction

Launching a mobile medical application is an excellent solution to reduce patient costs, as many tasks can be performed through the application itself. 

By interacting with the hospital through the application, patients can view the costs in real-time. When they receive the final bill, they and their families will not be surprised because they can plan the budget. 

Fast and secure payment

With the application, they can complete this operation in a few seconds with just a few taps. In addition, with the secure payment gateways that are usually built into apps today, they can be sure that their money is safe. 

If they forget to pay, their app will send them a notification. Generally, the app allows them to choose the tariff plan that best suits them too. 


Mobile app and digital healthcare are proof of how technology and medical science go hand-to-hand. As you can see above, global mobile devices have many advantages. Nowadays, extensive doctor-patient communication is a child’s play, ultimately leading to better services for patients. 

Digital healthcare (including digital care plans) is the integration of digital technology and health, healthcare, life, and society to improve the efficiency of healthcare and the personalization with accuracy of all the benefits in the plan and Onsurity is one of the best healthcare apps for employees, in that case. 

Onsurity App – Making Healthcare Easy & Quick 

Onsurity app is packed with all such benefits which works on transforming the concept of healthcare making it easy, accessible, hassle free and time saving. It has all the healthcare features available like booking free doctor teleconsultations and discounted health checkupsonline discounted medicine orders with delivery at your doorstep, group health insurance with health card of every team member and fitness tracking in one app.  

Bid adieu to the obsolete type of healthcare and go digital with Onsurity app.  

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