How You Can Promote and Improve Employee Healthcare Package by Turning to Technology

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Due to COVID-19, technology has replaced almost all parts of our lives. From meetings on Zoom to collaborative documents on Microsoft Word, there’s now no aspect of working that can’t be digital. There’s one thing though, that some employers tend to overlook – an employee healthcare package.  

In the past, employee healthcare benefits would have been limited to insurance. Now, however, there’s plenty more it can cover. Sadly though, there’s not much awareness around the digitization of employee healthcare. Not many businesses, especially SMEs and start-ups are aware of how technology has transformed healthcare.  

Use technology for employee healthcare package

Why Does It Matter? 

People today are ‘plugged’ 24×7 as they work on their laptops, desktops and some even on their phones while travelling. While being plugged continuously is a necessity, it comes with its own set of problems, especially affecting the employees’ health and wellness. The dependency on technology has led to even more overworking, and longer hours in front of the screen. 

As a result of this, people have no time left for exercising, or to focus on their health and wellness. In such a situation, employers need to do more to focus on employee healthcare. As an employer, you need to think of health and wellness in a more holistic sense. That’s why companies like Onsurity offer employee wellness programs.  

Unfortunately, there isn’t much awareness of such employee healthcare benefits. Very few businesses, especially startups and MSMEs know that they can provide business health plans that offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits.  

Thankfully, companies like Onsurity have changed that. By using technology, we are able to deliver affordable employee healthcare to MSMEs and startups all over India. Here’s how technology has enabled greater awareness of employee healthcare.  

Employee Healthcare Package for the Digital Era 

In the digital era though, it is very easy to focus on wellness. Today, healthcare plans come with integrated wellness benefits. Before opting for such a plan though, there are a few things employers should do. This will help create a culture of wellness in the company, and motivate employees to stay fit and healthy.  

To create the culture of wellness in your company, start by: 

  • Encouraging Wearable Technology: Smartwatches and fitness trackers like the Apple Watch, Garmin and Fitbit are a great way to track your movement and health. As an employer, encourage your employees to buy and use such devices. With inter-office challenges, wearables can be a great way to remain fit.  
  • Flexible Working: Mental health is as important as physical health. Create a flexible working schedule that fits into your employee’s life. That way, they can maintain a better work-life balance and devote time to themselves. It will not only make employees more loyal to the organisation, but also ensure they are fit and always ready to give their 100%. 
  • Group Workouts: Use Zoom or other video apps to conduct group workout sessions. It doesn’t have to be intensive exercise, but an hour of yoga and meditation can do wonders for employee healthcare. If possible, rope in an expert for a guided session. This is also a great team-building activity. 
  • Use Apps: See if you can get a group subscription to apps like Cult, Carrot Fit or Calm. Offering access to such fitness apps to your entire team is a good way for them to individually work on their health, when they want to.  
  • Improve Awareness: If employees aren’t aware, they are unlikely to participate in healthcare programs. Ensure you send out regular communications along with tips that everyone can do to stay healthy and fit. Encourage them to participate with company-wide challenges, even offering small prizes.  

Finding the Right Employee Healthcare Package 

Now that you have built a culture of wellness, your next step is to invest in an employee healthcare plan. They tie in nicely with any existing healthcare programs you run. That’s where Onsurity comes in.  

TeamSure by Onsurity is an employee healthcare plan for SMEs and start-ups. Not only is more economical, but TeamSure by Onsurity has great wellness and healthcare benefits. From group health insurance to fitness tracking to discounted online medicine delivery and health check-ups, Onsurity offers you some of the best employee healthcare benefits of any employee healthcare package. 

If you want to give your employees (and their families) a plan that’s digital-first, easy to use and comes with great benefits, then look no further. Onsurity is the best way to create a healthy and motivated workforce. 

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