How to evaluate your employee healthcare program? 

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Employee healthcare programs play a vital role in supporting the physical and mental health of the employee. However, introducing and launching various healthcare programs doesn’t ensure a fair status of an employee’s well-being. Moreover, it is only half the battle. For any corporate healthcare programs in India to fully succeed, you also need a way to evaluate its performance consistently. Unfortunately, however, many associations struggle to spot and track the appropriate metrics to assess the performance of the launched employee healthcare program.  

As many employees’ healthcare programs today lack the proper tools to measure their effectiveness, that’s comprehensible. To ease out the pain points of those organizations and ventures, we have collated the top ways to evaluate the employee healthcare program launched in an organization seamlessly which also helps in measuring employee healthcare level. 

Here are some ways to evaluate an employee healthcare program

employee healthcare program

Define the employee healthcare program’s objective

Before launching any employee healthcare program in an organization, define its objective clearly. Later, you can evaluate the program’s performance based on its goals. Ensure that the employee healthcare program is focused on the following objectives: 

  •  The program’s structured or granular goal, such as ensuring each employee is availing 30-minute of a relaxing yoga session, tracking the employees’ mental health, or evaluating the employees’ physical well-being. 
  • Maximize employee participation in the healthcare program to make the program a success. 
  • Target the employees’ pain points, such as tracking the stress level, work pressure, or health issues. 
  • Define the healthcare program outcome granularly, such as aiming for a high retention rate, reducing stress among the employees, ensuring the employees are motivated, and more. 

Analyze the current healthcare program’s structure 

It is good practice to evaluate and carefully analyze the current offerings of the healthcare programs. By doing a quick evaluation, you can identify the pain points and the weak areas of the current employee healthcare program. After identifying its vulnerable areas, it will be beneficial to incorporate the misses of the current employee healthcare program in the would-be healthcare programs. You can assess the current healthcare program structure on the following grounds: 

  • Total number of participations 
  • The reason behind few employees’ participation than expected objective 
  • Number of programs offered in the current structure 
  • The types of supports that are not covered in the current program 
  • The number of employees getting benefit from the current program 
  • The reason behind why some employees aren’t getting full benefits of the current program 

Evaluate the healthcare program performance as per the defined objectives

Track the performance of the corporate healthcare programs as per the defined objectives. Verify whether the program reaches the targeted audience or not and fulfills all the stated objectives. For instance, if the program is targeted to retain a particular group of employees, then track the attendee list and verify whether the targeted employees have attended the program or not. Evaluate the program’s effectiveness by analyzing the outcomes, identifying the number of employees retained after the program’s launch. It is equally essential to gather data by periodically performing surveys and assessments of the launched employee wellness program. Check-in with employees regularly to identify whether: 

  • They are aware of the current or newly launched healthcare support available. 
  • They are accessing the support provided by the program. 
  • They are finding the program effective. 
  • They are easily availing services offered by the program, or the program is convenient and easy to help the support from the healthcare program. 
  • They are facing challenges while availing of the support stated by the program. 

Investigate the program’s impact on the employee

Once you have established structured and granular objectives, analyze the current program performance, and evaluate the healthcare performance on the stated objectives. In the following steps, you need to investigate your program’s impact on employees’ lives. By establishing specific key performance indicators via assessing the value of employee healthcare program on the following grounds: 

  • Tracking the sick time of the employees and spotting significant spikes or dips 
  • Identify and analyze the overtime usage of employees by week, month, and year to spot the trends or specific employees consuming overtime at a higher rate than others. 
  • Keep an account of employees’ turnover rates to identify the employees’ stress levels, wellness, productivity, satisfaction, and engagement with their work. 
  • Keep track of the rate of insurance claims from the employee over the past few years and look out for any trends, such as an upward or downward trend or stay steady. 

The Bottom Line 

The employee healthcare programs have been shown to improve employee engagement, strengthen company culture, and inspire collaboration across teams. They can also help an organization grow exponentially and retain key talent and top performers.  

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