9 Employee Healthcare Statistics In India 2021-22 

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Complete employee healthcare is an essential aspect of every workforce. One of its major elements, which is health insurance, whether through government-run programs or private health insurance, operates on the goal to make it available to every employee. A key part of making this possible is to know about Employee Healthcare Statistics in India. 

Let’s look at nine employee healthcare statistics that highlight the state of India’s employee healthcare in 2021-22.   

Employee Health Insurance Statistics in India 

According to a survey among Indian urban youth, about 14% of interns and part-time workers have private health insurance. As per employer-sponsored health insurance statistics, about only 39% of full-time employees had health insurance provided through their offices. 

Employee Healthcare Statistics

Health insurance sector as a whole has a similar picture to depict. The health insurance penetration is low, with only 14.1 percent of the population covered by any health insurance program in rural regions and 18.1 percent in urban areas, with government employees accounting for most of the coverage. 

Employee Healthcare Statistics 2021-22 

  • Most Indian corporate employees struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. According to an ASSOCHAM survey, 43 percent of Indian employees suffer from depression, with at least 23% suffering from obesity. High blood pressure, slip disc, diabetes, and arthritis are all frequent ailments. 
  • 70% of Indians spend their whole salary on healthcare, and 3.2 percent of Indians are deficient due to high medical costs.  
  • What are the benefits of employee engagement? The answer to this question lies in the employee engagement statistics: 90% of employees intend to stay in a workplace when their well-being needs are fulfilled.  
  • Employee Healthcare StatisticsAccording to Harvard Business Review, the new employees state 69% of employees are unaware of their companies’ healthcare policies.
  • According to Marsh India’s Employee Health & Benefits (2019-2020), wellness programs are used by 37–41% of firms throughout the world as an active element of their wellness plan management strategy. 
  • The main concern for 84 percent of employers, is “rising costs of healthcare.” Where 62% of employers feel responsibility for their employees financial wellness. Employee Healthcare Statistics
  • According to the same report, 16–19 percent of employers said that they’re still experimenting with wellness initiatives, while 17–21% say they have no intentions to invest in this area.
  • 2 out of every 3 employees use wellness programs supplied as complementary value-added services by hospitals, insurers, brokers, Third-Party Administrator, and other organizations. But surprisingly, digital platforms for healthcare support lag, with roughly 17% of participants only allowing access to their staff.
  • 73% employees feel that claim assistance support is essential in a healthcare plan.

Employee Healthcare Statistics 

Key Issues in Employee Benefits 

Rising Healthcare Costs 

Every employer wants to support their employees in difficult times of medical needs, but the high costs of healthcare packages affect their decisions. It is important to partner with the right healthcare platform who you know is working in the best interest of both your employees and your organization to deliver maximum benefits value at affordable price.  

Helping employees understand benefits 

With the limitless number of benefits and packages being offered, employees often have difficulty navigating this area on their own and end up getting confused. 

To increase employee engagement and retention, HR professionals are responsible for educating employees on what healthcare benefits are available and what packages provide the best options for them and their families. This way, HRs can also help team members stay updated with employee benefit trends of healthcare.  

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