Employee Safety and Health Measures to Build a Healthier Workforce

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Employee Safety and Health, what comes to your mind first when you think about it? Probably a health insurance plan. What next? If you aren’t sure, don’t panic. You aren’t the only one. All over India, healthcare and wellness is usually tied with insurance, but did you know there is so much more? 

Of course, a good group health insurance plan is a must for any business. Especially with rising healthcare costs and an increase in non-communicable diseases like asthma, cancer, diabetes and obesity. In such a situation, a health insurance plan just won’t do. Instead, you need a comprehensive healthcare plan, one that provides useful benefits to maintain employee safety and health that your team can use. And no, we aren’t talking about gym memberships. 

Importance of Employee Safety and Health Measures  

According to Indian law, as an employer of over 20 people, you have to provide health insurance. But why stop there? Insurance helps in case of hospitalization, but what if you could prevent it in the first place? That not only saves you time and money but also means your employees aren’t as absent.  

That’s where other health measures come in. These allow you to build a healthier, fitter workforce. That serves two purposes. Firstly, employees won’t be absent as often. Secondly, healthier employees are known to be more productive. It’s a quick way to ensure that your business is growing, without a high employee turnover. 

Healthcare Plan benefits for employee safety and health

Another great advantage of these measures of employee safety and health is that they make your team feel valued. If you have the right measures, your employees will know you care about their health. That’s great for employee engagement and satisfaction. Again, this will be a win for you since more satisfied employees tend to be more productive, active and create a better work environment. 

Now that you know this, the next step is identifying these employee safety and health measures. What do they look like? And how do you get them? 

Access to Healthcare at Home for Employee Safety and Health

With remote working being the norm, it is only right for your employees can access healthcare at home. With teleconsultations and online medicine ordering that is very much possible. Not only do these features help your employees stay safe, but they also give them the comfort of accessing healthcare right from their sofa.  

It is convenient, as it allows employees to get access to healthcare when they need to. That means, no days off for consultations, or quick dashes to get medication. That way, your team can focus on doing their best work for you.

No Surprises on Bills 

In the unfortunate instance, your employee needs to be hospitalized, you should ensure that they do not encounter any surprise bills. Any healthcare plan should help employees save, not add to their out-of-pocket expenses.  

That means you need to provide them with a comprehensive healthcare plan that covers a wide variety of diseases, including COVID-19. You also need to ensure that there is no co-pay. That way, your employees don’t pay for things they shouldn’t be paying for.  

Discounted Services for Employee Safety and Health

Saving money shouldn’t just be limited to hospital bills, but other services as well. Whether your employee is ordering his/her prescribed medication or taking a lab test, you should find ways to help them save. That’s why you need to take employee safety and health measures with access to discounted services.  

Such a feature will not only encourage your employees to use these benefits but will help them save. A few hundred Rupees today can add up to a few thousand over a year. That matters, as it will allow employees to spend (or save) for other important things.  

Preventive Healthcare Measures for Employee Safety and Health

Preventive health measures are a vital way to avoiding non-communicable diseases. For long term health and happiness, your employee safety and health measures should include such tools. These tools should encourage your team to stay fit and healthy. 

A gym membership isn’t an effective way. Instead, get your team a plan that rewards them for the steps they take. It is also a good idea to get an employee healthcare plan that has fitness webinars. That way, your team will be motivated to get fit with expert advice.  

Looking at that list, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Can you really get an employee healthcare plan with all those features? The answer is yes! TeamSure by Onsurity is a comprehensive healthcare plan that gives your team access to all these features, and much more. 

Our partner ICICI Lombard provides you with a group health insurance plan that has no co-pay, and a wide network of partner hospitals. Your insurance plan also comes with a cover for a wide variety of diseases including COVID-19.  

A TeamSure subscription also gives you access to discounted medicines, lab tests and doctor teleconsultations. We also have free webinars and fitness rewards. Despite so featuring rich, a TeamSure subscription can save you up to 50% off on your healthcare costs. If that sounds attractive, head over to the Onsurity website and sign up today.


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