How to Motivate and Encourage Employees to Stay Fit and Healthy?

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Having a passion to encourage employees to stay fit is one of the best signs of being a responsible employer or a leader. A healthy workforce is an asset to an organization. Physical activity is the main ingredient of a healthy body. It improvises both our physical and mental health.

It contributes to fighting against various diseases and also decreasing body toxins. Statistics show that only one in three adults achieve the recommended amount of physical activity. Without that, both the efficiency and productivity of the workforce get hampered. No doubt, it increases employee absenteeism as well.  

How to Encourage Employees to Stay Fit?

Many organizations have taken various steps for motivating their staff to stay active and perform efficiently.

Encourage Employees to Stay Fit

Below are the initiatives to encourage employees to stay fit that could generate some interest among employees towards being more active: 

Employee Health awareness programs 

The first step that companies can do to encourage employees to stay fit is by organizing seminars by doctors and nutritionists for emphasizing the need for an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Workers can get suggestions for their physical and mental issues. Free health check-ups can be arranged for driving them to follow healthy practices. BMI Indices can be shared for focusing on obese staff and hence prompting them to be more active.  

Outbound training 

As the name suggests, it is training conducted at a faraway place from the company. It is a type of experiential learning for employees that consists of performing different tasks and solving problems in a team. This could include trekking, camping, water sports, and other outdoor sports. The workforce learns to apply various strategies and regains its team spirit with lots of fun and physical work. 

Recreational zone 

The latest designs of recreational areas of various companies including Myntra, Skype, Flipkart, etc. have attracted many employers all over the world. These areas are creative zones made for relaxation and refreshing the workforce. Table tennis, pool, couches, library, and resting areas are not only providing them some movement but also enhancing collaboration among the teams. 

Several companies offer inbuilt gym services to employees which they can make use of during working hours. Also, free membership to the nearest gym may be arranged to motivate the staff members to burn some calories and add mobility to their muscles.  

Moveable furniture 

A variety of moveable desks and tables are now in trend whose heights and angles can be changed as per the user’s wish. This allows workers to attend meetings and work both in standing as well as sitting positions. So, they can stand or move while discussing rather than sitting in one position. 


Marathons are being arranged by many business giants monthly or quarterly all over the country, attracting large groups to be a part of it and offering gifts for participation. A marathon is not just running on a track. It is a sign of determination and dedication. It is also good for overall performance growth. Depending on different age groups, a half or full marathon can be conducted. Moreover, this also builds team momentum. 

Company structure renovation 

Some changes in architectural design can also give promising results. Cafeterias and lunch halls at a distance from the main offices ensure those 100-200 steps during every meal or snack break for the workforce. Adding more stairs and reducing the elevator numbers in the routes can motivate them to walk through in groups for small discussions. 

Fitness award 

This type of award can definitely encourage employees to stay fit and can be planned yearly or half-yearly for those employees who miss the least number of days at work, whose BMI Index is well within the acceptable range, who have not missed or handed over any or least work to others on health grounds, and/or other factors can also be added to this list. 

Healthy culture 

To build a healthy culture, if the superiors are a part of these initiatives, it motivates subordinates to follow their lead.  

Cycling while coming to the office for employees staying near the workplace could be a smart way to be engaged in regular activity. A subsidy on buying cycles can be offered with other healthcare benefits so that employees can plan to buy them. 

Be active while working from home 

Of all these, not many will be applicable for people working from home like in this pandemic situation. Still, there could be ways that can be suggested to WFH employees.

Online exercising sessions can be taken, exercise breaks can be given between meetings or some stretching exercises can be added to their to-do list. Keeping their printer away from the desk, leaving a water bottle on another side of the room, or keeping other essentials far from the sitting place can be casual but useful ways to add some more movement. 

While most of these methods have been applied in one or more organizations, physical inactivity is still a big issue for desk workers. Motivating them by using the most suitable ways is the only solution. 

A Healthcare Plan for Healthy Employees

Providing a comprehensive healthcare plan to your employees including multiple benefits like group health insurance, doctor teleconsultations, discounted medicines, health related and other informative webinars, fitness rewards does not only make sure to help them get enough assistance in an unfortunate situation but also prevents them suffering from one especially when it comes to lifestyle related disorders by keeping them fit and healthy already. 

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