Family Workouts – a Delightful Way for Everyone to Stay Fit

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A regular workout routine is not just good for your body, but your mind as well. Exercising regularly can help recharge our minds, fall asleep easier and become healthier. Take some time out to exercise, and your future self will thank you. 

We know that sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise. That’s why we recommend family workouts. It can help give you the motivation you need, especially when you are working longer hours, making it challenging to build a sustainable workout routine. There’s also the worry about COVID-19, which may have put many of you off from visiting the gym or sports facilities.  

Under these circumstances, motivation can be hard to come by. That’s where you need to remember the role of your family. Your family environment plays a crucial role in developing a healthy workout routine. In fact, any healthcare benefits you have in your life, from diet to mental wellness can all be linked back to your family environment. So the best way forward is to turn to family workouts sessions.

The Role of Family 

Family Workouts - a Delightful Way for Everyone to Stay Fit

Your family is one of the biggest factors when it comes to your healthcare. Here are just a few ways that they can influence your workout routine, health and wellness: 

  • Motivation: You will find it easier to create and stick to a workout routine if your family encourages you. If you have a runner or sports player in the family, you will know how they tend to inspire you to be healthier. The same goes for eating, your diet is influenced a lot by the encouragement your family provides.  
  • Consistency: Starting a workout routine is easy, but we all know how tough it is to consistently maintain it. That’s where family comes in. Family workouts should be able to provide you with space and time to workout daily, no matter what. The same goes for your diet – consistently eating freshly cooked food is vital to your healthcare.  
  • Habit Formation: We tend to pick up habits from our family. So if you have someone who is constantly eating junk, or smoking, there’s a good chance you will pick those habits up. A healthy family environment is one where good habits are practiced and encouraged – like exercise, eating healthy, and sleeping on time. 
  • Moral Support: For extended families, the best way to help build a workout routine and healthy habits is through moral support. They may not be able to directly help you, but knowing they care and support you can really push you to get healthier.  
  • Joining You: The best way for the family to motivate you is to join you,even if they don’t really like it. If you find your parents or siblings taking part in your family workouts sessions or diet, then it goes a long way to improving the consistency of your workout routine and healthy lifestyle. 

How to Start Family Workouts

Family workouts

There are multiple healthcare benefits to getting the whole family involved in your routine. Not only do you create a happier, healthier environment, but you also ensure everyone is equally motivated. If you want to start family workouts, here are a few easy tips to try together: 

  • Make Weekends Count: Weekends are a great time to laze indoors and recover from the hectic week. But, it’s also a good time to get fit. If possible, plan a hiking trip or long walk somewhere nearby. Alternatively, you can also book a badminton court for a few hours.  
  • Aim for 10k: A daily goal to achieve together can be 10,000 steps. Find a time when everyone is free and go for a walk to hit that goal. You will never believe how healthy you can be just by walking 10k steps a day.  
  • Skip Shortcuts Together: Wherever possible, skip shortcuts in favor of some exercise. Walk to your nearby grocery store, climb the stairs over taking a lift. Also, park as far away as possible from the store and walk that extra distance. It will help you hit the 10k goal more frequently. 
  • Invest in Wearables: The best way to hold each other accountable for your workout routine is to invest in a wearable like a smartwatch. That way, you can easily compare data and keep track of each other.  

Start family workouts today and you will find it easier and more fun to create and stick to a workout routine. It’s a good way for you to show that you care. Here’s another great way to show your family you care: extend your employee healthcare benefits to them with Onsurity. 

Onsurity’s employee healthcare plans provide value-added benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted health checkups and medicine orders and fitness tracking. Our insurance partner also provides group health insurance for startups and MSMEs.  

You can give your family access to all these great benefits. Simply add them to your healthcare membership through the Onsurity App. Our wellness membership plans can be extended to your parents, siblings, in-laws and children (subject to T&C’s), with low monthly payments that are financially-friendly. 

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