Importance of Fetal Kick Count During Pregnancy

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Fetal Kick Count is what mothers are waiting eagerly for. But the question is, in which month baby starts moving in womb?

It is usually within 13-25 weeks that the mothers start feeling their babies moving in the womb, after the first trimester is over. Most mothers eagerly await the first flutter of their little ones that tells them of the development in the womb. For first-time mothers, fetal kick occur at around 25 weeks, and for second or third pregnancies, it is known to occur at 18 weeks.

It is important for you to remember not to panic if you don’t feel the kick immediately. For a couple of weeks, it may be difficult to distinguish gas from your child’s movement.

However, you will soon realize the patterns that are associated with both and you can distinguish them easily. Learn to look for specific periods during which your baby moves most such as after physical activity or intake of food.

Fetal Kick Count

Why Count Fetal Kicks?

We all know that an active baby in the womb is a healthy baby. This is why it is important to understand their behavior or activity pattern which can help you flag any possible signs of issues.

Tracking their movements is extremely important during the third trimester when your baby’s kicks should be active and strong, often. Inactive baby in the belly could potentially be an indicator that your pregnancy may be at risk of complications.

This fact is supported by various studies, one of them conducted by BMA Pregnancy and Childbirth which revealed that changes in activity are also linked to the risk of stillbirth – a heartbreaking tragedy we all pray, no one has to face.

Kick counting remains as one of the best ways to track your baby’s activity pattern as you will know what is “normal” activity for him or her, as well as when and how active your little one can be – it is a good to practice to count on your kicks daily, especially during your 28th week of pregnancy when your baby’s kicks are more prominent. In doing so, you are able to contact your doctor on time as soon as you sense any signs of any abnormal activity patterns.

Counting fetal kicks is important. Being attentive to your baby moving around will help you notice any significant changes. Most of the mothers who rush to the hospital have reported that they did not perceive any of the usual movements. This in turn has helped doctors rescue babies in distress at the right time. Taking time for your Fetal Kick Counts will also encourage you to rest and bond with your baby.

How to do Fetal Kick Count

There are several ways in which you can perform fetal kick count. It is essentially counting your baby’s movement within a period of time. Ideally, you should feel 10 kicks over 2 hours. That is normal fetal kick count per day.

This is how to count baby kick:

  • Keep a notebook with you when you sit down to count your fetal kicks.
  • Sit down in a comfortable position or lie down on your left where circulation is the most for your baby and hence enhanced activity.
  • Jot down the time at which you feel every movement so that the time duration between each baby movement can also be recorded.

Alternatively, you can use the fetal kick counter app downloaded from the google play store or the app store. Here, you can also graph your baby’s movement history. Though the time for recording 10 kicks is 2 hours, it can happen within even half hour. It is a normal daily fetal movement count.

If your baby is active throughout the day, pick the time when the baby is most active and record it every day. Your kick counter history is very useful when you visit your doctor as per your schedule.

If you do not feel the 10 kicks over 2 hours, contact your doctor immediately to schedule a visit. 

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