Simple and effective fitness hacks to transform your body and stay more active

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A human body is designed to move. We are supposed to do much more than just sitting the entire day as having an ability to move is a blessing which we should be grateful for. After all, staying active not only keeps us physically but also mentally and socially healthy too.

It doesn’t matter if you have recently introduced yourself to the world of fitness or you’re someone who has been maintaining a healthy lifestyle since years, it is important for everyone to follow these simple yet effective health and fitness hacks to stay more active throughout the entire day.

Here are some easy fitness hacks to transform your body and make your everyday even more active apart from just doing an hour of exercise:

fitness hacks to transform your body

Go for a walk

Walking is one of the best and convenient fitness hacks for busy professionals which doesn’t require any equipment or any particular fitness level. In fact, it is an effective way to start with our fitness journey. As walking is an effective cardio exercise, it helps maintain a healthy heart and burn additional calories by completing target steps of the day.

To make walking more joyful, listen to some music or walk with a friend or your pet. Set daily target steps for the day and track them through a fitness band or a mobile app. It is recommended to start with around 6,000-10,000 steps every day and you can walk anytime, as per how your schedule allows you. You can go for a morning, evening or post dinner walk or else make it flexible for you by walking after every 30 minutes during your breaks.

Take the stairs

Sometimes, old is gold and one of the greatest examples of that is stairs. In the modern world of having elevators and escalators, choose stairs as not only it will help you achieve your daily steps target but also act as an amazing cardio exercise and sometimes, even more challenging than walking to increase your stamina.

You can also make stair climbing a part of your regular workout routine, as one of the exercises. Do 10 Rounds of stairs and you will break a sweat!

Clean often

Cleaning is one of the best fitness hacks at home. Spend your extra time cleaning your room, car or home furniture, floor often to burn extra calories. If not everyday, you can set cleaning as a part of your weekend schedule. This way you can also help your parents save their time and energy.

Park further away

You can build in extra walking by parking your vehicle further away from your destination. You’ll not only burn calories but also be able to find a parking spot easier than looking for the one near to your destination. Isn’t it one of the most amazing health hacks?

Play with kids or pets

Raise your pets and kids in such way so that you can make them habitual of playing some games with you which often involve physical activities rather than indoors. Go out for running, dancing, playing outdoor sports with them or else set a space at home where you can play such kind of games. This way, you’ll stay active and also reduce the chances of child obesity in your family by keeping your kids fit and make your pets behave friendly and build a stronger bond with them.

Join sports or fitness communities

If you haven’t joined a sports or fitness community because of workload, it’s time to focus on your work life balance and take sometime out dedicatedly for the sport you’d love to be a part of or a fitness community where you can stay active and socialize with others.

Search for academies on the internet or else find some personal contacts and get suggestions for the places you can join at. Spend your weekends there and visit for an hour on weekdays pre or post office hours.

Not only you can enjoy working out or playing your favorite sport while being a part of these communities, but also enjoy some adventures like trekking, hiking, marathons etc.

Set an active morning routine

The best way to kick off your day right is by having an active morning routine. You can go for an early morning walk or run followed by some stretching exercises or hit a quick workout session. Try to wake up at least 1 hour earlier than your regular time to make your morning active and see the wonders! You’ll definitely enjoy working in the office after that.

The bottom line

There are countless benefits of staying active throughout the day from boosting stamina and energy to reducing stress. Include all these fitness hacks to transform your body in the daily routine which will help you stay even more focused towards your fitness goals.

However, it is also important to take out some time dedicatedly to workout, hit some strength training sessions at least 3-5 times in a week to make these hacks work even better for you and stick to a healthy diet. 

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