6 Fitness Tips While Working from Home 

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Looking for fitness tips while working from home? Well, going to the gym, walking to the office, or simply taking a post-lunch walk in the office parking lot were some amazing ways to stay healthy and fit in the pre pandemic times. But ever since the rapid rise of COVID-19, most of us have started working from home instead of going out to the office.  

The concept of working from home has been helping us reduce the number of COVID-19 cases as it promotes social distancing and gives us enough flexibility to work while being quarantined at the same time.  

However, it has been observed that some of us have also stopped focusing on our active lifestyle and staying healthy while working from home or at least we have not been as consistent as we used to with our fitness journey like before. 

There could be multiple reasons behind this halt

  • Closure of fitness facilities during the lockdown: Some of us who were regular at some fitness centers like gym, yoga classes, Zumba classes have got a sudden change in our lifestyle and mindset due to their closure. The times we used to enjoy working out with a partner or around people has abruptly stoppedThis is one of the main reasons why we have stopped working out and taking care of other factors to stay fit.  
  • A lack of schedule at home: Unlike office, a lack of schedule at home always creates disturbance with our timingsWhat is worst is that procrastinating has become a common habit while working from home, which probably doesn’t leave us with enough time to work out later. 
  • A lack of Motivation to Work out and Eat Healthy: Our mindset has become quite weak and monotonous because of staying at home for a long time, which is why we do not feel motivated enough to exercise as well and maintain our physique.  

But also, at the same time, it is important to realize that fitness should be a lifestyle choice. Just like we brush our teeth, eat and sleep every day, fitness should be a regular part of our daily routine. 

Being fit is not about being in shape, but staying healthy, fit and keeping our immunity strong to fight and prevent certain diseases including COVID. You will be able to let go of all the above-mentioned issues by prioritizing self-care while working from home. 

Here is how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with these effective fitness tips while working from home 

Exercise at a Consistent Time 

Fitness Tips While Working from Home 

The first tip to stay consistent with your workouts is by setting a particular time for it. The best time to set your workout timings is either pre or post office hours but it depends on your choice. Remember that taking out at least 30-45 minutes for yourself out of 24 hours won’t be difficult. It’s all about priorities.  

Say no to Extra Cravings

Fitness Tips While Working from Home 

Due to an easy access to more food availability at home, some of us build a habit of sneaking in the kitchen and checking out the fridge for something to eat after every hour. 

This habit leads to fulfilling some extra cravings to de-stress ourselves from work. But did you know it also leads to unhealthy weight gain. One of the best fitness tips while working from home is realizing an importance of having self-control and indulge ourselves in other activities, for e.g., watching a short movie, talking to a  friend, playing a quick game etc. instead of depending on food alone to de-stress ourselves. 

Stick to a Diet Plan

Fitness Tips While Working from Home 

To build healthy eating habits, the best strategy is to stick to an eating pattern with timely meals. This helps enhance satiety for a longer time and promotes healthy snacking between the work.

Try having main meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner at the same time every day and consume healthy snacks like salads, fruits, nuts, yogurt, sprouts and other low-calorie options between work.  

Stay Hydrated

Fitness Tips While Working from Home 

Remind yourself to drink water after every 10 minutes or so. Increase your water intake at least up to 3-4 liters per day. This will help you reduce false hunger and of course, offer countless benefits of drinking more water. 

Active Breaks

Fitness Tips While Working from Home 

Taking some active breaks is one of the major keys to staying fit with a 9-5 job. Take a 5 minutes of walk break after every half an hour or so. Or move out for a post lunch walk for 15-20 minutes and try to hit 10k steps in total throughout the day. Also, doing some chair exercises is helpful to maintain your posture and prevent unwanted back pain. 

Sleep Enough

Fitness Tips While Working from Home 

Complete your work during the daytime or depending on your job hours. But make sure to have at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep, as you also need to keep yourself away from job burnouts and ensure post exercise muscle recovery to energize yourself better for the next day.  

So, these were some of the best fitness and wellness tips while working from home 2021. Even if you never started with your fitness journey, it’s not too late to start. Work on yourself today, never delay. Every best thing to start with comes from home first. Now is the time! 

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