How Can Group Mediclaim Policy Adopted by a Company Help Improve ROI?

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Also known as corporate health insurance, a group mediclaim policy is a comprehensive medical coverage plan offered to a group of people. This group usually includes members of a professional workforce, where the employer purchases this plan to cover all employees under a stable health insurance plan.  

Although it is a straightforward benefit for the employees, it also indirectly benefits the employer in multiple ways. This blog will discuss how a group mediclaim policy can prove beneficial in improving the return on investment (ROI) for small companies.  

Advantages of Purchasing Group Medical Insurance Plans for Small Business 

Besides lowering hiring costs and getting tax benefits, some of the essential perks of buying a group medical insurance plan for small businesses are: 

  • Improves employee retention: If employees get access to quality healthcare services, insurance coverage, free check-ups and consultations, they are more likely to stay at their current job.  
  • Promotes a healthier workforce: Offering a group insurance plan with benefits such as discounts on medicines, hospitalisation assistance and extended medical coverage to family members promotes a healthy mindset among employees. 
  • Ensures high productivity among employees: Securing your employees with a health insurance plan ensures a healthier workforce. They feel cared for and appreciated at their workplace, which, in turn, increases productivity.  
  • Increased sense of loyalty towards the employer: People love companies that offer valuable benefits to their employees. Providing healthcare facilities reflects a company’s goodwill and develops a sense of loyalty among the employees towards the organisation.  

If you are planning to get comprehensive employee healthcare membership with employee medical insurance for your organisation, let Onsurity help you! 

How to Improve Company ROI with Onsurity’s Plans?  

With the aim of redefining and democratising employee healthcare, Onsurity offers a unique self-serve platform to organisations that ensures cost-savings and digitisation of group medical insurance.  

It is crucial for start-ups, MSMEs and emerging businesses to utilise their funds optimally during their growth phase, which will also ensure a high return on investment. Our employee healthcare and wellness platform provide customised group health insurance plans to organisations in order to make healthcare affordable to everyone.  

Our unique health products simplify employee healthcare with a mix of technology and innovation.  

We are the first healthcare platform in India offering affordable health plans starting at just Rs. 145/month. Our web-based management tool is easy to use, and our products are cost-efficient for organisations, especially emerging companies, who can save up to 7% of workload savings with our memberships. Our flexible healthcare products help small-scale businesses improve ROI as well as increase employee retention.  

Issues Faced by Small Organisations in Terms of Employee Benefits  

With a small group of employees and limited availability of funds, start-ups and MSMEs aim to channelise their resources primarily towards generating revenues. An efficient workforce is imperative to a company’s success. Hiring and retaining competent employees might not be easy if they are not offered the desired benefits.  

In the present world, employees look far beyond the salary offered by an employer. Additional perks such as travel allowances and health insurance policies can be the game-changer here. Such benefits influence an employee’s decision of joining and continuing at an organisation.   

Offering group medical coverage might be difficult to afford for emerging businesses but comes with its own set of benefits. It can improve the ROI in the long run on the part of the employer.  

How can Onsurity Benefit Start-ups and Small Businesses?   

As a HealthTech organisation, our goal is to offer comprehensive healthcare solutions to businesses. Here’s how you can benefit from our services:  

  • Cost-efficient monthly plans: In addition to offering annual group health insurance plans, we are the first in India to offer a monthly healthcare membership to businesses at the most affordable rates.  

The employer only has to pay as long as the employee is a part of your organisation. Employees also have the choice to continue membership on their own if they decide to leave the organisation.  

  • Membership for everyone: Whether your company has full-time employees, contractual workers or part-time employees, we have got them all covered. The plans can also be customised as per the number of employees in an organisation.  
  • Improves ROI of an organisation: Our affordable plans can be customised as per your organisation’s requirements and financial outlook. With our membership program, you can improve the profitability of your evolving business, which, in turn, increases ROI.  

Our well-integrated digital dashboard and Employee Pro App reduce the hectic process of onboarding, claim request follow-up, membership tracking, and many more actions. Our super health app saves the HR department from getting tangled up with extensive documentation and claim requests of group mediclaim policies 

Be sure of offering premium healthcare benefits to your employees with Onsurity!  

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