How to Make Health and Wellness of Employees A Priority in 2021 

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Making health and wellness of employees a priority is very important. Healthcare is an investment, not an expense. When the key to a company’s success lies in its employees’ hands, offering healthcare assures productivity. 


“The journey to the healthy outside the company starts from inside the company.” 

Employees are considered as the actual treasure of a company. For a company to grow, its employees must be healthy and productive. The best way a company can invest in its employees is by investing in their healthcareIt is the smartest decision a company can make for health and wellness of employees.

According to the Aflac 2019 report, approximately 70 percent of employees have shown more job satisfaction than the employees who are not signed up for wellness programs. So it is evident that the more a company nourishes its employees, the more a company will flourish.  

The following points state how to make health and wellness of employees a priority in 2021 

Mental healthcare 

In 2021, employee mental healthcare should be given more importance as the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered many people’s mental health conditions. With mental health awareness increasing among the masses, investing in employees’ mental through successful training in mindfulness, meditation, stress management, and resilience can make a considerable difference.  

Other creative options for managing mental healthcare at the workplace can be premium subscriptions to resources, platforms, or applications for mental health, virtual sessions for exercise or webinars, and stress management sessions. 

Healthcare programs for employees also help in reducing stress. Stress reduces employee productivity and morale as well. This ultimately reduces the overall productivity of the company. The healthcare plans boost mindfulness, improve focus, memory, cognitive flexibility, and offer emotional support.  


It is an employee healthcare service where the patient’s physical presence and the provider are not mandatory. According to the 2021 Employee Wellness Report of Wellable, 87% of employers are planning to invest more in telemedicine in the upcoming year.  

In the wake of Covid-19, telemedicine is quite beneficial as it limits the exposure to germs and communicable illnesses to the employees, making the workplace a safer place. Apart from mental healthcareit also provides greater comfort to the employees and gives them access to physicians and experts from other widespread areas.  

Innovative healthcare 

According to a report from the Society for Human Resource Management, healthcare insurance premiums have grown by 54% in the last 11 years. Such a high rate of increasing premiums makes it difficult for employers to afford insurance plans for their employees.  

So, innovative healthcare plans with direct service providers to ensure excellent health care at affordable prices can be a considerable choice. 

Flexible working hours 

Employers are likely to look for added flexibility of working hours for their employees where it is possible. According to the 2021 Employee Wellness Report of Wellable, 89% of employers are likely to offer flexible schedules to their employees even after the pandemic.  

It enables the enhancement of the employee’s morale and, at the same time, reduces absenteeism, which results in enhanced productivity. 

Safety Protocols 

Hygiene plays a vital role in a company’s work regime after the Covid-19 pandemic. The most effective way to reduce the risk of the deadly virus affecting the whole workplace is to follow some tightly laid safety protocols. 

These safety measures are likely to be followed even after the global pandemic’s risk would be minimized. Social distancing norms, timely sanitization of the common areas in a company, individual sanitization, biometric screenings, and related practices should continue.

Virtual wellness 

These services include all the activities that are likely to make employees more physically active, improve employees’ nutritional habits, and abandon unhealthy habits. 

Approximately 94% of healthcare brokers feel that more employers will be opting for employees’ well-being in plans like virtual guided meditation, team building, virtual yoga, virtual life coaching, fitness webinar and similar activities for health and wellness of employees.

health and wellness of employees

Healthcare Plan for Health and Wellness of Employees

The employees who smoke are more likely to cause more expenditure to their employers than those who do not smoke. It is quite ethical and economical for a workplace to provide such programs to their employees, enabling them to quit smoking. It may involve lifestyle coaching, assistance, whether emotional or pharmacological, and much more.  

Employees are undoubtedly the most valuable asset to a company’s growth. With enhanced productivity levels and high-quality skills, an employee can help a company to achieve wonders. For a company to achieve to the fullest of its potential, the secret lies in the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its employees. 

Employee health and wellness not only helps the employees but also improves the culture of the workplace. They feel being valued by the employer and affirmation that their employer cares about everyone. Therefore, it’s high time that a company should consider the well-being of an employee as their topmost priority. Providing culture and values to employees that encourage them not just physically but also mentally is what an organization can do.

We highly recommend you to read this comprehensive Employee Wellness ideas and best practices blog. This will help if your company is still not sure about how to start an employee wellness program. Health and Wellness investment is one such investment that employers would not regret at any cost.

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