How to Design Healthcare for Blue-collar Workers?

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Over the last few years, workspaces have become the center of healthcare initiatives. Everybody who comes under the permanent employee tag, right from the top hierarchy to the lowest one, has become a recipient of the healthcare facilities, irrespective of the size of the company they are a part of. However, there is an indispensable part of the job economy that largely remains deprived of healthcare benefits. What we are talking about is the lack of benefits around healthcare for blue-collar workers.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought along a shift in the process. Out of any other class of workers, the outbreak of COVID in India has hurt the blue-collar sector the worst. The reality that lakhs of migrant workers walked back to their village was a sign enough that India cannot survive without them.

With businesses now opening gradually and the migration starting again, the expectations of blue collar employees have changed. They are now demanding a more stable income and health benefits from their employers.

The once rare offering is now becoming a must-have in the wake of COVID-19.

Let us dissect how to design the best healthcare programs for blue-collar workers.

Demand for Blue Collar Employees

Every industry needs blue collar workers. Mobility, hospitality, delivery, healthcare, manufacturing, amongst others are witnessing a rising demand for blue collar employees. When you look at it from the number viewpoint, the demand in 2020 looked something like this –

demand for blue collar workers

In 2021, we can expect the demand to only increase further. However, irrespective of the growth in demand, for a company to retain the blue collar employees through the next wave of coronavirus or even further, it would take more than a stable income. They will have to understand the complexity of their healthcare needs and then design plans and incentives for blue collar workers accordingly.  

Blue Collar vs White Collar Employees Healthcare Needs  

Blue collar employees have more physical requirements on the job which tends to come with associated muscle and back pain and chronic issues, forcing them to retire sooner than their white-collar counterparts.  

White collar employees on the other hand tend to live a sedentary lifestyle where they sit at desks for a longer duration leading to more mental issues than physical.  

Considering the differences, when we look into what the coverage should consist of for both the class of employees, you will find that the answer to how to engage blue-collar workers will be a lot more different.  

Elements of the best coverage for blue collar employees

  • Health benefits with low monthly premiums  
  • Wellness programs looking into nutrition and exercise  
  • Comprehensive coverage  
  • Mental health coverage.  

At Onsurity, we offer a comprehensive healthcare package for blue collar employees. Starting at as low as Rs. 145 per month, they can get free doctor consultations, discounted health checkups and medicines, and a range of offers on fitness and mental wellness programs. The fact that we blend comprehensiveness with affordability makes it extremely easy for a blue-collar worker with a basic salary to maintain.  

A major part of choosing the best employee healthcare provider depends on having an understanding of what does the blue collar employees want and what could be the best incentives for blue collar workers.  

What do Blue-collar Workers Want?

Without a doubt, blue collar workers make up the worst-hit sections because of the onslaught of the pandemic. But as they gradually come back to work, they are expecting a lot more from their employers. The top one of which is better living and work conditions – one way they want to approach this is through digital transformation and bringing the benefits on mobile.  

If we had to list down their expectations, it would look like this –  

healthcare for blue-collar workers

Now amidst these demands, the question that arises is – how to design a healthcare plan that best highlights the essence of the benefits of blue collar jobs? 

What Should Healthcare for Blue-collar Workers Look Like? 

At Onsurity, when we build healthcare benefits for blue collar employees there are several things we take care of, but the ones that we give prime importance are these –

  1. Access to affordable care
    When we design healthcare benefits for blue collar workers, affordability precedes everything else. The intent that drives our planning is to give them a comprehensive range of benefits that can be accessed at an affordable rate. This is one of the driving reasons why we have kept our membership at as low as Rs. 145 per month.
  2. Digitalization of doctor consultations
    Considering the uncertainty of working hours, one cannot expect blue collar workers to book regular health checkups or even follow up on their doctor’s visit on time. This is the reason why we have made doctor consultations digital for them. Every Onsurity plan comes with free consultations which can be extended to more e-visits at only Rs. 99.
  3. Focus on wellness
    Adding a wellness benefit like access to virtual fitness programs or mental wellness schemes can go a long way in ensuring that your blue collar workers are in the best mental and physical shape to take up challenges. In every Onsurity plan, we have added the functionality to keep track of your fitness – something that can help employees take proactive measures when it comes to being fit.
  4. Mandatory medical insurance
    Your blue collar employees must get the same set of benefits that your white collar workers get. Considering the amount of physical risk they put themselves into, you can think of extending a more extensive coverage to them instead of the basic variant of a package with bare minimum elements.

So here were the different facets of blue collar workers that must be considered when you build a healthcare plan for them. The next step? Giving them the benefits they deserve. You can subscribe to Onsurity healthcare plans starting at Rs 145/month from here in just 2 min or you can reach us directly at if you have any questions. 

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