How to design healthcare plans for women employees? 

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Most healthcare plans for women employees in offices have been developed by viewing men as the dominant and default workforce. Even though women have been very active in workspaces and performing all the tasks the same as men, gender disparity has been a common issue.

This has to be changed by taking up active initiatives and efforts that encourage better women’s healthcare. This will only be possible if the programs are created to cater to the specific concerns of women. 

healthcare plans for women employees

Following are some important points that should be noted while designing healthcare plans for women employees 

Involve ideas of the women to design the program 

Different types of work environments may offer different challenges for women. Often, the concerns of the working women healthcare plans are ignored as the authority figures make the decisions. This step should be amended by taking up the ideas of the women facing problems related to mental health or physical stress. 

There are a variety of ways to start the conversation about health. You may begin with taking surveys about general issues and then personal discussions about health and fitness.

One-on-one interactions are better where the women can talk to female health professionals. This will help them open up about their issues and feel validated for their work towards the organization. 

Spread awareness by conducting webinars and events 

Spreading awareness can be considered the most important step in creating a successful women’s healthcare program. Many women in the workforce tend to overlook their health demands and needs.

Almost 20% to 30% of women overlook symptoms like tiredness, sleepiness, anxiety, body aches, and weight gain as issues triggered by the work environment. In turn, these symptoms can grow into more significant problems like depression, high blood pressure, and a weak immune system. 

Onsurity’s Healthcare Plans for women employees include educational and fun webinars for feminine health. We invite journalists, academics, and women who have worked in health organizations to talk about issues freely in a workspace. These webinars are curated according to the interest of the women and their age group.

Women employees should actively participate in the events and talk about their issues. Better awareness will automatically create better women’s healthcare to talk about it and take part in initiatives freely. 

Offer the resources and reminders to get health exams 

Having regular health exams can be considered crucial for women who reach the age of 30 or 40. While many women knowingly disregard these exams, several women have no idea about their health necessities. As a responsible organization, you should take up the initiative to share proper resources and set reminders for your employees to get their health check-ups.

Create an online cell that can share online resources that can be useful for working women and their health concerns. An online platform can be made where women can share their queries and seek explanations. The best way is to get Onsurity’s Healthcare Plan for women employees as we make it all possible with our free and affordable doctor teleconsultations with every membership and discounted health checkups. 

Several female-specific provisions can be made to have fertility leaves and time-offs for mammograms. You can also take the initiative to make work easier for new mothers. For example- breastfeeding mothers should have private spaces to care for their children.

Maternal care facilities can be made for mothers with young kids. Also, healthcare plans with maternity benefits could be beneficial for mothers-to-be for delivery medical coverage for women employees through group health insurance as one of the benefits of their healthcare plan.  

Encourage taking breaks and socializing 

It is also important to remind your employees to take breaks from their work-life and have dedicated time to socialize. Therefore, conduct events where your employees can enjoy time together with pool lunch or mini-picnics.

Women often need more time to take care of their families and children. Allow them to have personalized schedules that can benefit their well-being and also their dedication towards your organization. 

All these steps can greatly enhance your healthcare plans for women employees. An organization can truly benefit from a healthy workforce, and it’s only time that we dedicate special attention to women’s needs.

A healthcare plan with activities and challenges 

Fun and interesting activities can be conducted to promote a better consciousness towards health in your workspace or even have them included in healthcare plans for women employees. For example, a walking meeting can be conducted once a week to encourage women to stand and move around.

You can also think around healthcare plans that involve on-site yoga and meditation classes for your all women employees, catering to different health benefits just like Onsurity’s healthcare plan does. 

Not only Onsurity’s comprehensive healthcare membership includes group health insurance for your team members but also multiple benefits like discounted medicine orders and regular health checkups for women, doctor teleconsultations around women’s health issues, virtual fun fitness sessions and tracking which can boost the mood and morale of your women employees while doing activities that will enhance their health with informative webinars related to women’s health and what not. It is a complete healthcare package for your women employees.

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